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Queen of the Dead

ROTLD Fiction

Queen of the Living Dead


Note: While the story references Louisville and Trioxin, these story elements are optional and could just as easily refer to similar plotlines

.... The camera pans over a helicopter taking off from a walled enclosure. It pans to stockade style doors in a concrete bunker. The scene fades and resumes within the compound.

.... The camera pans down from above, behind three men standing in front of a table. A body is strapped to the table - struggling against the bonds. Only the feet and hands are visible ... and these are taped heavily. The scientists are visible only from behind. >

* Scientist ONE: "We're happy to have you both here. Especially you Doctor Neckor. I've read your work on genetic mutation."

* Neckor (female scientist)"I can't say I'm happy to be here, but I hope we can get some helpful results."

* Scientist TWO(newly arrived): nods in agreement.

* Scientist ONE: "I certainly hope so. I hate to rush you so shortly after your arrival, but time is of the essence."

He turns to the figure on the table

"This specimen was taken from the Louisville outbreak disaster. You'll notice the body is in advanced decay. It is one of the initial reanimations which had made their way to the edge of the blast radius."

* Scientist TWO: "The Louisville outbreak? I wasn't aware that any of the initial reanimations had made it past ground zero?"

* Scientist ONE: "Oh, yes. Not a large number. This one suffered little damage to the skeletal structure and so mobility was unimpaired. You will notice that it incurred numerous superficial gunfire wounds which would have been fatal to humans, but did little to deter the specimen."

* Neckor : "So the nuclear strike was totally ineffective?"

.... Camera pans around, and up onto the Scientists faces. Fairly close shots, giving a somewhat sinister effect. It switches from person to person as each speaks. All are pale.

* Scientist ONE: "Yes and no. The destructive power of the blast proved quite capable of destroying the reanimations within the area. However, the Trioxin compound itself was not destroyed except possibly at the very center of the blast radius. What the blast really did was scatter the Trioxin for hundreds of miles, while at the same time providing an ample supply of fresh bodies for reanimation in the secondary blast area.."

* Scientist TWO-visiting: "How did one canister of Trioxin manage to infect the entire area?"

* Scientist ONE: "Remember, at the time we didn't know that Trioxin was what we now refer to as a replicating compound."

* Scientist THREE/Neckor-visiting: "I read the early theories. So, the Trioxin used the bodies to replicate itself?"

.... Camera pans to the zombie's face and torso for the first time. The head is strapped down - and a mouth piece has been fitted over it's mouth. It is rotted and hideous. It struggles unendingly.>

"Scientist ONE: "Correct. Of course we didn't know this at the time. The compound was originally developed by the military for spraying over battle sites. The thought was that the reanimated bodies would rise and slay the enemy. Then the compound would burn itself out. Unfortunately, it didn't burn itself out. The project was scrapped when the obstacle could not be overcome."

* Scientist TWO: "How effective would the reanimations have been against modern weapons?"

* Scientist ONE laughs. "Extremely effective. The reanimations have low grade intelligence, are tireless, strong and fanatically single minded. Plus their resistance to injury is incredible. Let me demonstrate."

..... Scientist ONE goes to a table and takes up a pair of heavy rubber gloves and scalpel. He goes over to the zombie, lifts a scalpel to cut through the huge sutures on the creature's chest then sets down the scalpel, near the creature's abdomen. He pulls the flesh apart and reaches into it's chest.

It struggles even more. The scientist feels around a bit, and removes the creature's heart. The two other scientist make some distasteful faces. The creature struggles even more violently and the table shakes, the scalpel is bumped toward the zombie's hand unnoticed ...

Scientist ONE: "As you can see, the creature has no vulnerabilities of a living creature. We've even decapitated specimens and the bodies remain animated and fairly coordinated."

Neckor: "Destroying the brain is ineffective in stopping them?"

Scientist ONE: "Totally ineffective. The most that is accomplished is that they lose some of their limited sentience and lapse into an even more animalistic state. Amputated limbs will still attack anything they come in contact with - though obviously they are incapable of any form of traditional ingestion."

Scientist TWO: "Their fixation on ingesting brains. What causes that?"

Scientist ONE: "Well, as I've stated the Trioxin is a replicating compound. It apparently requires chemicals in nerve cells to replicate itself. And of course, the brain is the prime source nerve cells. Once the creatures have ingested a mass of these cells, they are absorbed via the nervous system of the creature and used in the replication process. That is why a relative calm is perceived in creatures who have just fed. Once all the chemicals have been used up, the creature hungers again. Follow me, and I will demonstrate."

....Scientist ONE steps away from the first creature, and around a corner. A second creature is seen, this one is in a form of restraint. The incredibly sexy body is naked and fantastic though oddly colored.

Scientist Two looks her up and down appreciatively, then notices Neckor giving him a disgusted look. He catches himself and becomes fairly composed again. The camera pans around and the truth is seen - the face of the creature is seen. Large carnivorous teeth are seen, and they eyes are glazed. The hair is a blaze orange. She is growling and moving against the bonds.

Neckor: "Is she mutated?"

Scientist ONE: "If you're talking the hair, no. Apparently the victim had dyed it that way. If you are talking the carnivorous nature of the skull, yes indeed. We've discovered that some victims exposed to trioxin for a time prior to death undergo the mutation. It's recessive genetic traits all humans have which is coming out. Basically our ancient gene pool coming out in a horrific way. We also suspect that chemical imbalances in some brains may help trigger the transformation. Even so-called normal reanimations develop extremely powerful jaw strength. I've seen even more severe cases than this one. The teeth come to resemble the fangs of the great apes. Also, they acquire a heightened sense of smell. Of course, the victim slain must be fairly intact and not consumed to achieve this transformation level. If we had more resources, we should like to investigate this phenomenon more thoroughly but with things as they are ...." (he trails off)

Scientist TWO: "Is she also from the Louisville disaster?"

Scientist ONE: "Yes, we suspect she was one of the first victims. She also was discovered outside the ground zero area. These captures had apparently fed recently and were slightly less violent ... but only slightly. Allow me to demonstrate ..."

.... Scientist ONE goes to a cabinet and the female creature calms slightly ... she begins to respond moving seductively and expectantly against her restraints. Scientist ONE removes a large bottle. Next to it, is a vial labeled "Trioxin".

Scientist ONE: "As you can see, some the creatures ARE capable of limited learning. SOME even can use objects they were familiar with in life, and speak in near full sentences if they are calm. Some NEVER learn, and are slow and clumsy - we call these the shufflers. By far the most sentient of the creatures are those who died of Trioxin poisoning as opposed to structural damage."

.... As the creature moves seductively against the bonds, she licks her tongue out over her lips. Scientist one uses a glass tube with a feeder on the end - rather like a hamster water bottle. He holds it close enough for her to feed. She calms as she feeds, and begins to make animalistic noises - almost a purr. Scientist TWO glances at Neckor looking embarrassed - she returns a disapproving glance.

Scientist ONE: "This feeder contains encephalic fluids in concentrated form. In fact, we have successfully used very highly concentrated doses in a kind of tranquilizer dart for use in combat ....."

ACTION SEQUENCE : .... Scientist ONE's voice trails off as he looks back at Scientists TWO and THREE. A look of horror comes over his face .... The camera pans to Scientist TWO and THREE as they turn and look. The first creature is standing there, restraints severed and a scalpel in his hand. As they turn the creature stabs Scientist TWO in the gut, lifts and pulls him close to him and bites him. Scientist THREE staggers back against the wall away from the creature. Scientist ONE loses concentration and his arm comes to close to female creature. She bites into his arm .... tearing off a massive chunk. He staggers back into the cabinet and the Trioxin is knocked from it's shelf. A gas fills the room, visible through the glass observation window and filling the room.

* cue music * The male creature can been seen feeding upon Scientist TWO, the female creature is going wild in her restraints and Scientists ONE and THREE are seen losing consciousness in the room. The camera pans out, fades to outside the compound .... past the helicopter landing pad, and remote turrets. Past an electrified fence, and outside where zombies are seen milling about. Down the hill and to a dead city, with only zombies milling about. The sun is setting, and the city is ominously dark. >


A group of survivors moves through the outskirts of the town. One man, pale and with long white hair, is in the front. Most are a bit pale. Cast:

Snow leader: white haired and pale skinned. It is later revealed that consuming too much trioxin polluted water brings on the condition - eventually causing conversion. Wears a grenade around his neck.

Michaels: male, handsome and a bit too young - carries a shotgun

Kinch: female, rugged and dirty looking, with a streak of grey in her hair - carries a crossbow

Jericho: a handsome, slightly older survivor - carries a machete


Snow .... "Michaels, watch your back"


* turns and notices a zombie creeping up near him - panics a bit, and stumbles back, dropping his shotgun.

Kinch: sighs and brings her crossbow up to bear - shoots the zombie in the face. It staggers back, going crosseyed looking at the bolt.

Jericho: steps forward with a machete decapitating the zombie - the camera shows him making a few more quick chops - then as he steps away, shows the zombie flopping on the ground. The arms and head lying askew of the body.

Kinch: * turns to Michaels "You wanna kill yourself, fine. Just don't get us killed in the process. Idiot!"

Michaels: * looks suitable abashed ... "Sorry"

Jericho: "Lighten up on the kid."

Kinch: "Bite me."

Jericho: * turns away and walks away "Not in this lifetime."

Kinch: * growls and retrieves the steel bolt from the head, which is still making biting movements -, she kicks the head down the street.

Snow: * keeps silent during the exchange, looks over at Jericho as he comes walking up "That kid gonna make it?"

Jericho: * hesitates "Maybe. But beggars can't be choosers. At least he's clean. No offense."

Snow: "None taken." * looks down over the town from the hill vantage point he stands on all is extremely dark ... "Another f***ing deadzone."

Jericho: "Looks that way."

Snow: "Grab Michaels and take point. We need fresh water and could use some more canned food."

Jericho: *nods and heads back to Michaels & Kinch


* A boat - tied off to a buoy. A mother, father, and 12 year old boy and 17 year old girl sit at a table.

* Girl : "I still don't understand why we couldn't stay on the island."

* Mother: "That was no island. Is was an old breakwater and a couple hundred feet wide. The stormy season is coming and we would NOT want to stuck out there.

* Son: "Besides, I couldn't take another week there with you whining all the time."

* Sister - gives him a dirty look

* Father: "We've caught three fish in two weeks. Our supplies are almost gone. It was time to move on."

* Son: "Thank God"

Mother - gives son a stern look

* Son: "Sorry"

* Daughter: "But it was safe there ..."

* Father: "We've got our boat and we can stay by the river. Come early morning, we'll take the rowboat Ashore and get supplies."

* Mother: "Now, eat up. This is the last of our food" The boy and the girl make a face at the noodles dried fish

Exterior shot - a pair of boats can be seen, floating down the river ... each has a half dozen zombies. One floats harmlessly by the family's boat ... while the other floats along and bumps into the family's boat and one rotting hand grabs the rail

Interior shot - the family looks up at the noise .... a few moments later, the window breaks in with arms reaching ... the dog starts barking angrily


..... a large armored truck drives up the back roads. A few zombies come out, but are run over.>

* Soldier ONE (driver): "Yeehaw, two more!"

* Solder TWO (passenger seat - looking bored. He picks up a notebook and marks two X's for Solder ONE.) "I should drive for a while."

* Soldier ONE: "Not a chance."

* A burst of static is heard, and the camera pans back to a man in the back of the truck. Crates are seen, and a man at a radio and a fourth soldier.

* Soldier THREE: (at radio) - "Tomahawk Base this is Bravo Delta One. Repeat message. You're breaking up. Repeat message."

* A woman's voice comes on, very static filled "This is Doctor Necker. Request ETA."

* Soldier THREE: (to fellow soldiers) "Tomahawk Base has a piece of sh

*t transmitter."

*presses send "ETA 5 minutes, barring incident. We are one half click down from Tomahawk Base on Route 12."

* Radio (female voice - Necker) : "Understood. Out."

* there is a jar, then a bump as something is run over. A "Yeehaw" is heard from up front.


* Michaels and Jericho move up to an old autobody shop. They make their way through the building - there is a false alarm as a cat knocks over some cans.

* Michaels: laughs nervously "Cat..."

* Jericho: "Yeah. Too bad he got away. They're good eating."

* Michaels makes a face, and Jericho laughs at him. The two make their way out back, and find an old vending machine.

* Michaels: "Hey, it looks intact ..."

* Jericho: "Damn skippy." ... fumbles a bit and bangs his head. "Damn. See if you can find me something to open this bitch."

* Michaels nods, and heads back into the garage. Jericho begins to work at the lock. Michaels finds a large ballpin hammer .... and a meowing is heard. In a friendly manner, he bends to get the cat and is attacked. An undead cat is clawing at him, and he just barely manages to push it away. It charges again, and he smashes it with the hammer. A shot shows the cat twitching on the ground and Michaels backs away. He appears to compose himself, getting into the swing of things. He steps outside as a zombie is moving up on Jericho. Jericho follows his gaze and stumbles back away from the zombie. Michaels steps up and whacks the zombie in the chest knocking it back. It stands back up and Michaels finds Jericho standing next to him machete drawn. They grimly nod to each other and step up together on the zombie. The camera cuts away.


.... The camera pans from behind Snow and Kinch down to Route 12. They exchange glances as the army truck drives on down the road. The truck is seen driving up and into the compound, the gate slides back automatically. The soldiers disembark and head into the building - as they enter, lights come on down a hall. Hesitating they decide to go down. Two paneled doors slide aside, and zombies come out, on the attack. One man survives brief and violent mayhem, and backs into a room .... he runs out of bullets, and cringes against the wall. The zombies part and Neckor comes walking though - looking sexy and very undead.

* Neckor: "Your weapons are useless against my minions."

* Soldier: "Doctor Neckor ...???"

* Neckor: "I see you've heard of me. I hope I exceed your expectations."

(the soldier cowers away from her and her zombies)

* Soldier: "Please don't ...."

* Neckor: "Perhaps I won't. If you tell me all I wish to know. Shall we have a little talk?"

(the soldier nods fearfully .... and Neckor reaches out and brushes his cheek. The camera pans away ...)


* The survivor group sit about a campfire talking - they are exchanging grubby looking vending food. Lynch is pouring gasoline into mason jars.

* Snow: "A team of jarheads in an armored vehicle." pokes the fire. "Drove into a compound, and they went inside ...."

* Jericho: "How many?"

* Kinch: "THREE came out of the vehicle. No one came out from the compound but you can bet your ass there were some inside."

* Snow: pokes fire some more "A base like that could have a lot of what we need. Food. Clean water. Weapons. "

* Jericho: "But is it worth the risk?"

* Snow shrugs ....

* Kinch: "F***ing right, it's worth the risk."

* Snow and Jericho exchange looks, considering.

* Michaels hesitates, then clears his throat. "Couldn't we just go up and try to talk to 'em?"

* Kinch laughs: "Kid, you were stuck on that island too long. Welcome to the real world."

* Snow nods and looks at Michaels ... "Jarheads kill anyone with signs of taint. That's all of us - except you maybe. They hoard their supplies and stay hid in their holes, except when they get a bug up their ass to kill everything. And I mean EVERYTHING."

* Jericho nods.

* Kinch: "They could have a lot of good shit. Even a grab and dash could set us up for months."

* Snow looks questioningly at Jericho who nods. He looks at Kinch who nods and throws "Hell yeah". He looks at Michaels. Michaels hesitates, looks at Jericho and Kinch, then slowly nods. Snow pokes the fire again ....

* after a minute, Kinch looks impatient .... "Well, we going or not???"

* Snow nods, and throws the stick in the fire. "We go ..."


.... Standard Zombie Rampage - the family is attacked by the zombies ... eventually, the father and mother sacrifice themselves and the two children jump overboard and start swimming to shore. A zombie jumps in after the girl, flailing clumsily ... the father shoots the thing before he is pulled back into the boat by the hoard still on board. The girl sobs and swims toward shore with the boy shouting for her to hurry


* Jericho crawls up to Snow at the edge of the treeline - about 40 feet away is a chainlink fence. Snow is looking at the fence through a half broken pair of binoculars. Inside the fence are metal barrels set to trip over and dump through the chain linking. Inside and outside the fence are posts.

* Snow - "Nice set up. They can dump kerosene or gas through the chainlink and burn up deadheads."

* Jericho - frowns "Or US. And see those posts. They were mounted with claymores at one time. The north side of the compound still has the claymores intact ... it's a harder approach to defend. This approach is more easily defended from the zombies so they rely on the kerosene and gunfire probably."

* Snow - "Can we get in?"

* Jericho - nods "There are photoelectric eyes on the outer posts but we can easily duck under them. If they have ground detectors, we won't know unless we step on em."

* Snow - shakes his head. "Lovely."

* Jericho - grins "You wanna live forever?"


* At the shore, the boy and girl struggle onto the land. As they rest and banter back and forth the girl is grabbed from behind - A voice speaks, not sounding too good

* Scientist Two Zombie "You're a pretty one."

* The son tries to help, but is knocked unconscious by another zombie ... this one dressed in military gear and with mouth wired shut.

* Scientist Two Zombie "Bring him, Sgt. And you will be fed. The queen will be pleased."

* Sgt Zombie picks up the boy and they move off, the girl struggling.


* The survivors move up under the PEC detectors. They move up Kinch climbing up onto Snow's shoulders ... and cutting the barbed wire at the top. They move into the base. They sneak through and come up into a catwalk area. They see the queen (with the sexy zombie and shufflers) is talking to the captured soldier ... he is bolted to a wall with manacles.

* Queen "I've been working on a new serum of trioxin, developed from my lovely girl here. You get to be the first recipient." the female sexy zombie squirms at her side

* Soldier "But I told you all I know ..."

* Queen "And therefore are no more use to me ..."

* Scientist Two Zombie enters, with the girl and boy and Sgt Zombie.

* Queen "Excellent timing. I see you've brought me more subjects. Confine them ..."

* Scientist Two Zombie takes them to wall mounted neck brackets and restrains them.

* Queen "Now attend to my friend here ..."

* Amidst screaming the Scientist 2 Zombie shoves a tube down the soldier's throat .... green trioxin is forced down his throat. A transformation begins.

* Queen - walks over to the girl then boy, while the Sgt Zombie begins sniffing the air curiously

* Queen "She will be useful but the boy is far too small to be useful as a soldier. But I think a reward is due my men. She gestures and the zombies begin to move forward.

---- The rest is in summary form :

* Snow restrains Michaels from interfering but then Kinch stands

F*** this shit ..." A general bruhaha is engaged, during which the Queen is injured (crossbow bolt to the chest), Sexy Zombie is killed and Scientist 2 Zombie is mutilated. Kinch is killed and Jericho hurt by a backhand from the now carnivorous soldier. He recovers enough to pull the boy out. Michaels leaps down to save the girl. They flee with Snow providing cover as they back out ... the Queen exits from the rear, and the now carnivorous soldier engages in combat with Snow and Snow dies fighting the thing. It goes to eat him, but then sniffs and shoves him away (Snow is too badly tainted to be good food).

* Cat and Mouse throughout the complex ... They have discovered the video records of the experiments - how hypodermics filled with encephalic fluid tranquilize the zombies - which are called Zombie Downers.. After a while, the Queen shoots the boy - she announces that dart is filled not with tranquilizer but with Trioxin.

Eventually they fight their way to an old sewer access which drains out into the bay. At the exit they are confronted by the Queen, the carnivorous soldier zombie and the boy. The sister talks to her brother to no avail. Snow reappears as an undead .... knocking the queen down and grabs the big zombie. The boy zombie attacks Michaels, but a dart drops him. Michaels and the girl pump rounds into the big zombie ... but a stray shot hits Snow and he falls to the ground. They are out of darts. The Queen stands facing down the two with the staggering carnivorous zombie solider. She looks down at the twitching Snow, and laughs .... she steps on his wrist. Out from his hand drops the grenade and they blow up as Michaels and the girl dive for cover. As they move off Scientist 2 Zombie steps out, all mutilated but is easily blow away. They find the family rowboat on the shore with the dog, and row off.