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Territory Maps and City Descriptions

My main adventuring area :

Chronopolis: is the capital - a city of 60,000 it is by far the largest in my territories. It was founded over two millenia ago and has never fallen though has had many periods of rough times and decline. The last few decades have been in one of these declines but is still by far the most powerful city.

Chronopolis collects a trade or sales tax of 5 percent upon all traded goods. Most of the cities within the Chronopolitan empire also collect a city tax of 5-10 percent. Families are allowed an exemption of 5 gold a month of trade without taxes. All goods and crops are taxed with ten percent going to the capital.

Chronopolis is Polytheistic, having many churches within it's walls. At it's founding the greatest church was Chronos, the titan diety of time. Most of Chronopolis' policies are based on long term returns. All churches are taxed ten percent as well (except, it is rumored, the church of Chronos).

Chronopolis, similiar to old Rome, is a seat of culture having baths, gladitorial games, chariot races, and vast gardens. Ironically, they also have some of the desolate and ancient ruins within it's walls (the population used to be over one hundred thousand but has dropped in the last few centuries - a natural cycle the government tells people). It is also a seat of knowledge having great libraries and mages flock here for training. The saying All things can be found in Time refers to Chronopolis.

Chronopolis is incredibly strong with guilds and clans. There are six major fighter guilds, four major mage guilds, and innumerable thieve's guilds. There are also eleven clans each of which has a seat on the Council. These are similiar to the clans in Stephen Brust's Jhereg series but with different names.

The governing body is a council of twenty, eleven of which are the clan leaders. The other nine positions vary from century to century. Currently, three of these are merchant guild seats. Council seats are taxed fifty thousand gold per year, but often the returns of such a position make it worth while.

Kroten : A city of five thousand, it is rightfully called the walled city, the granite defenses rising thirty feet high and twenty feet thick encompassed by moats and spiked ground. It is ruled by Lord Runefist, a half-orcish fighter/cleric of incredible level (at least in the fighting department). The grandfather of assassins is an ally of Runefist's and he also has living within his walls a 24th level mage (who though claims to be only seventeenth level.) It is an incredibly lawful if not humanitarian city.
The main export of Kroten is the Ironwood of it's forests - this almost magically strong wood only grows in the lands south of Kroten and is harvested/replanted regularly. Many half-orcs work the lumbering area and their rough camp brawls are legendary

Porstown : A small port city of two thousand with fair trade and regular naval protection. The government is a barony, with an advisory council. It is a typical AD&D base city.

King's Arm : A feudal city of four thousand ruled by a High Lord, and his knightly followers. There are five other Lords about the city, all owing feudal allegiance to the High Lord, and via him to Chronopolis.
Again, a very lawful city, with a fairly good agricultural base. King's Arm exports regular shipments of arms, men and crops to the capital. There is a higher than normal number of fighters within this city, and they are a bit snobbish toward the other classes.

The origin of the city is a matter of conjecture as is it's name, but story has it that King's Arm was founded by a fighter Lord who spent many many years adventuring in the Garthic Empire, and picked up many of their ways. However, always being loyal to Chronopolis, he returned after having made his fortune and set up a society within his home country. Legend has it that when asked who his loyalty was to, he actually sent his right arm to Chronopolis saying it was theirs to command. They say the wizards of Chronopolis enchanted the arm and sent it back, where it was reattached and served the High Lord well.

Gracus : is a port city and agricultural center. It is ruled by a council of merchant guilds.

Haven & Restenford : are typical AD&D cities, having thriving sea trade connecting to the desert trade routes to the Arabic city states. It is again ruled by a barons, advised by a council. Taxes are even more strictly enforced.

Silverthorn : The forests to the far north of Chronopolis are reserves with a small city nestled within named Silverthorn. It is ruled by a council of druids and rangers. Why Chronopolis lets this rich forest go untouched is unknown but it is an age old tradition - probably a long term plan involving one of their prophecies.

They of course pay their taxes, small though they are, and their druids are charged with travelling and seeing to the health of the forests and croplands of the Chronopolitan empire.

Stonehand, Shire and Alfheim : Non-human settlements who pay an annual tribute and, of course, appropriate trade taxes when trading with the Chronopolitan settlements or citizens.

Morbly Keep : A keep on the borderlands of the Chronopolitan Empire. Recently within the last few decades settled and cleared by a fighter of great reknown, along with his co-ruler a fighter/thief (rumored to be an assassin but not openly). It is another extremely lawful settlement, and deals harshly with law breakers.

Chaotic religious establishments are actually forbidden here, but the city is very open to diverse races (as long as they obey the laws). Lord Morbly is rumored to have had a long running feud with the Githyanki, but the dispute was settled shortly after the settling of the town. (He reportedly was attacked by Githyanki and killed them, then refused to relinquish the silver sword he had obtained. Numerous attacks upon him were unsuccessful and his retaliations lead to many Githyanki deaths. A mutual respect was eventually earned and he gave back the sword, being given a similiar powered gifts in return. He still wears armor forged from the jeweled metals of his fallen githyanki enemies.)

Darkhold : A city in the heart of the dark race inhabited lands to the southwest. Once paying tribute to Chronopolis, it has in the last few centuries broken away from Chronopolitan rule. They are aided by powers and advisors of the Underdark, which has an entrance in or near their city. Chronopolis has declared their extinction but, in their typical fashion, are taking their time. It is thought Chronopolis may be planning to declare war upon the Underdark itself, perhaps even enlisting the aid of their rivals and sometimes enemies the Garthic Empire (which lies across the seas to the west.)

Darkhold is a small city but has many powerful nonhuman monsters living there and, as stated, has reinforcements from below. It is Neutral Evil.

Other cities were left purposely unnamed for customized use.

                         CITY TABLES


          Large Building   		Medium Building     		Vendor/Shoppe
  2       Monastery        		Mages Guild      		Potions
  3    	  Jewelry		 	Furrier				Scribe / Books 
  4       Fighter's Guild	       	Weapons / Armor      		leather goods
  5       Church           		Stable / Dining           	Clothing
  6       Inn              		Tavern             		Trinkets / Pawn
  7       Warehouse           		General Store      		Hot Food Vendor
  8       Guard / Admin			Inn				fruit / veggies	
  9       Wine 				Tobacco / Herbs			Apothecary / Herbs
  10      Lumberyard /     		Adventurer's Residence          Flowers / Pets
  11      Slaughterhouse    		Alchemist			Bowyer 
  11      Grainery			Boarding House			Glasswear
  12      Textile House	      		Kennels	/ Animal Breeder	** Special **


              Street Encounters 

2d6           daytime               nighttime

  2           rakes                 monster 
  3           drunks                vendor*
  4           thieves               assassins
  5           nobles                harlot
  6           laborers              beggars
  7           townspeople           drunks (roll daytime)
  8           city guards           thieves
  9           good wives            rakes /thugs
 10           characters            characters
 11           merchants/wagons      sailors / press gang      
 12           unusual               animal (giant rat, etc)

note : although the encounter table uses the plural form, the 
encounter has a 50% chance of being a lone figure.

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