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House Rules

D&D - Version 3.0 House Rules :


Attacks : There is no penalty anymore for 2nd or 3rd swings, etc. HOWEVER, critical hits are now ONLY on a 20 again - unless one gets a KEEN weapon, and this counts as a +2 bonus.

Two handed fighting : Is now a single feat … ambidexterity is not required. Attacks are at -0 /-2

Exotic Weapons : are now considered Martial.

Feats :

Characters get 1 feat at second level, and 1 feat every 4 levels.

There are very limited CLASS feats. Some character classes maintain their class abilities/feats as listed below.

Skills : As per standard, though classes with only 2 skill points as base instead get 4 (adjusted by intelligence). Skill points are doubled at first level, instead of quadrupled.

Experience :

Experience to reach the next class is : (level -1) squared times 1000. For example … to reach 2nd level, the experience needed is (1 x 1) x 1000 = 1000. To reach 3rd level, the experience needed is (2 x 2) x 1000 = 4000. To reach 5 level, experience = (4 x 4) = 16000.

Multi Class Characters :

Multi-class characters are -20% on experience points per additional class. Pure Class humans are +10% on experience for their first 5 levels.

Commoners :

Commoners tend to be ZERO level. They have 4 skill points. A first level commoner has 4 skill points. They receive 1d4 for hit points. (1d6 if a laborer). They are proficient in dagger, handaxe (the equivalent of woodcutter's axe ... melee only - not thrown), staff or pitchfork. Zero level commoners start at -200 experience points. They gain 1d20 experience per year starting at age 12. They gain 2d20 experience starting at age 20. First level commoners are proficient in 2 simple weapons. Second level commoners (1000 experience) tend to take skill specialty as a feat.

Commoners, with training and dedication, may become first level character classes. Their hit points etc, are re-rolled, and they are then considered of character class. Their skills do NOT change until they surpass their former commoner level. IE : A zero level commoner with 1 point in animal handling advances to become a first level cleric. He retains the 1 point in animal handling, and this comes off his skill point total of 4.

Commoner Notations : First level commoners are proficient in 2 simple weapons. They are +2 one of the following : Profession, Craft, Animal Handling or Knowledge Local (choose one). Note that commoners can switch to other classes even after reaching first level. They ARE, however, stuck with their commoner skills, skill bonuses, and feats until they exceed their former commoner level.

Class Notations :

Fighters : They are +2 on intimidate and ride. Fighters get an extra combat feat at 1st & 6th level and every 5 levels thereafter.

Rangers : They are +2 on wilderness lore, spot and listen. At first level they receive the feat of Tracking. Rangers get an extra combat feat at 6th level and every 5 levels thereafter.

Paladins : They are +2 on knowledge religion, ride and sense motive. Radiate Protection from evil in a 10' radius, giving +2 on armor class and +2 on saving throws against evil opponents. They are immune to disease, and can detect evil 2/day per level.

They can cast cure disease 1/3 levels per day (round down) and heal with their paladin's touch ... total points = level x charisma bonus. They turn undead as a cleric 2 levels lower.

Paladins get an extra combat feat at 6th level and every 5 levels thereafter.

Barbarians : They are +2 on wilderness lore, intimidate and ride. Continue to Rage as normal. All other abilities are lost.

Barbarians get an extra combat feat at 6th level and every 5 levels thereafter.

Bards : They are +2 on all performance, listen, knowledge & gather information rolls.

Bards gain the new spell casting chart. They know ALL the bard spells and can learn and ready wizard spells using a book (but as if the spells were 1 level higher). At high levels when no more bard spells are available, bards learn 1 wizard spell per level gained thereafter (they are still 1 caster level higher for bards than for wizards).

Rogues : Also known at thieves. They are +2 on listen, move silently and hide in shadows.

Sneak attacks are only by surprise or on stunned opponents, not simply flank.

Damage is x2 at levels 1-4, x3 at levels 5-8, x4 at levels 9-12, etc.

They receive evasion and other abilities (other than flank) normally.

Wizards : They are +2 on knowledge arcane and spellcraft.

Scribe is no longer a free feat. Summon familiar is now a feat, and can be taken at 2nd level.

A familiar allows the standard abilities per 3rd edition, and also 1d4 points +1 hit point per 2 levels.

If a familiar dies, the caster loses 100-200 experience points/level and takes damage of 1d4/level.

Wizards can have any number of spells in the spell book, but may only have 'readied' a number of spells equal to the number castable per day.

See the section further below for more information

Sorcerers : See Wizard. ALL spells are readied but they may only KNOW a number of spells equal to the number wizards may 'ready' per day. As a benefit, however, they have extra energy enabling them to cast 2 extra spells of each level per day.

See the section further below for more information

Druids : They are +2 on knowledge nature, wilderness lore and herbalism.

Druids at fifth level may assume a small to medium animal form 3x per day. At 7th, the animal may be large. At 9th, they may take the form of a non specific human, half elf, elf, satyr, sprite, brownie or pixie ... of either sex. This includes sea born equivalents. At 11th level, they may assume animal forms up to huge, centaur, xorn or unicorn forms.

They may speak in all these forms. They may cast spells in any form with hands (ie : a monkey, elf, etc). Still spell is an extremely useful feat for druids favoring the use of assumed forms.

Druids are naturally gifted potion makers and receive this feat for free at 5th level .

Clerics : They are +2 on knowledge religion and healing.

Clerics are fairly unchanged, except for domains. Domain abilities no longer exist and domain spells are 1 level higher than formerly listed. One does NOT get an extra domain spell of each of the spell levels one can cast.

Monks : They are +2 on spot, listen and healing.

Monks are unaffected. They attack as a Fighter with open hands, glaive, nunchuks, bo sticks, darts, or sai. Regardless of which is used they do a base damage of 1d6+1/3 levels (not including strength and rounded down).

Monks still get all abilities per normal 3.0 rules.


The total experience points to achieve the next level
= [ Current Level ] squared x 1000 exp. : To 10th

Note - multi class characters split experience evenly between classes

Experience in BOTH suffers a -20% penalty if one of the two classes is not favored

Thief is favored by ALL classes. Halfings, therefore, also have a favored class of fighter.

Pure class human characters gain a +20% bonus on experience

This breaks down to the following ….

                        Additional      Total 
To Achieve	 	Needed          Needed

2nd level		1000 exp        1 000		
3rd level		4000 exp        5 000		
4th level		9000 exp        14 000		
5th level		16,000 exp	30 000		
6th level		25,000 exp	55 000		
7th level		36,000 exp	91 000		
8th level		49,000 exp	140 000		
9th level		64,000 exp	204 000		
10th level 		81,000 exp	285 000	

11th level 		115,000 exp	400 000		
12th level		200 000 exp	600 000		
13th level		400 000 exp	1 000 000	
14th level		600 000 exp	1 600 000	
15th level		800 000 exp	2 400 000	
16th level 		1 000 000 exp	3 400 000

Experience Awards :

CR Ό 	= 25	 exp
CR ½ 	= 50	 exp
CR 1 	= 100 	 exp 		
CR 2	= 250 	 exp
CR 3 	= 500 	 exp
CR 4 	= 1 000  exp
CR 5 	= 1 500  exp
CR 6 	= 2 000	 exp
CR 7 	= 3 000	 exp
CR 8	= 4 000	 exp
CR 9 	= 5 000	 exp
CR 10 	= 6 000  exp
CR 11	= 8 000  exp
CR 12 	= 10 000 exp   
CR 13 	= 12 000 exp	
CR 14	= 14 000 exp  
CR 15	= 16 000 exp
CR 16	= 18 000 exp

CR beyond 16th : Exp equals 18 000 + 3 000 exp per level beyond 16th

Skills :

Rangers, Druids, Barbarians, Monks and Bards get 6 skills per level + Intelligence Bonus ( at a Ranking of 1+level+Attribute Rating + other modifiers ) Rogues get 8 skills per level + Intelligence Bonus ( at a Ranking of 1+level+Attribute Rating + other modifiers ) All other classes get 4 skills per level + Intelligence Bonus ( at a Ranking of 1+level+Attribute Rating + other modifiers )

Spell casters :

Spells per Day (Not including Attribute Bonus) :

Caster                  Spells per Day (not including attribute bonus)
Level     Level 0  	1     	2     	3     	4     	5     	6     	7     

1             	3      	2     
2              	4      	3
3              	4      	3     	2
4             	5      	4     	3
5              	5      	4     	3     	2
6              	6      	5     	4     	3
7              	6      	5     	4     	3     	2
8              	6      	6     	5     	4     	3
9            	6      	6     	6     	4     	3     	2
10	        6	6	6	5	4	3
11	        6	6	6	5	4	3	2
12	        6	6	6	6	5	4	3
13	        6	6	6	6	5	4	3	2


Spell Casters must have Readied Spells. The number of spells they have readied is equal to the number on the Table above. It takes 30 minutes to switch one’s selection of readied spells.

Wizards vs. Sorcerers :

Wizards get a bonus of +2 on the number of spells they have READIED per day of each level (ie: they have a wider selection available). Sorcerers get a +2 on the number of spells they can CAST each day.

Spell casters and armor :

Bards, Half Elves, and Elves may wear light armor without danger of spell failure, even though their spells are arcane.

Spell failure chance for armor is 5% per point of protection (not including magical bonuses). Masterwork armor has a spell failure chance which is 5% better than normal. Magic armor has a spell failure chance which is 10% better than normal. IE : Masterwork leather armor has a 5% spell failure chance, and magic leather has a spell failure chance of zero.

Elven chain : has encumbrance and spell failure chance equal to non-magical leather armor (10%).

Feat : The feat Armored Casting cuts the spell failure chance by an additional 10%.

Wizard Specialists :

Spell caster specialists gain the bonus of imposing a -1 on saving throws by enemies and effective +1 level caster level bonus with regards to damage, duration, and the like. They suffer a reverse penalty in all other spell categories (with a minimum caster level always being at least 1st level).

SPELLS : all spell casters use the same table ... though their selections vary. See Above.

Acolytes/Apprentices :
Spells per Day (Not including Attribute Bonus) :            
Caster         Spells per Day (not including attrib bonus)
Level          level 0    Level 1     Exp Required

A0-1           2          0*          75
A0-2           3          1           150      

Spell Modifications :

Shield Spell : Creates a floating invisible shield granting a deflection bonus equal to a +2 medium shield (which is 4 points of protection). This bonus increases with level : another +1/4 levels. IE : at 4th level, a shield spell grants 5 points of protection, at 8th it grants 6 points of protection, etc.

True Strike : Grants a LUCK bonus of +5. And an additional +1 per 4 levels. IE : at 4th level, a True strike grants a bonus of +6 to hit, at 8th level +7, etc.

A third level version grants a LUCK bonus of +10 + bonuses as above.

Damaging spells :

1st level :

Ranged Touch : Maximum damage for a spell which does ranged touch is 1d6 per 2 levels.

Maximum range of 40‘ + 10‘ per 2 levels.

Area effect spells (IE : Burning Hands) has maximum damage of 1d4 per level (but allows a save for half damage).

Maximum Radius is 3 feet (or 10 feet for a fan effect).

Maximum range is 30’ + 10’ per 2 levels.

Magic Missile does 1d4+1 plus 1d4+1 per two levels above 1st. Range is 60’ + 5’/level.

2nd level :

Maximum damage for a spell which does ranged touch is 2d8 + 1d8 per 2 levels over 3rd.

Maximum Range is 60’ + 10’ per 2 levels.

Area effect spells (IE : Puffball) has maximum damage of 1d6 per level (minus 1 die of damage).

Maximum Radius is 5 feet (10 feet for a fan effect).

Maximum Range is 40’+10’ per 2 levels.

3rd level :

Maximum damage for a spell which does ranged touch is 1d10 + 1d10 per 2 levels.

Maximum Range is 60’ + 10’ per level.

Area effect spells (IE : Puffball) has maximum damage of 1d6 per level (minus 1 die of damage).

Maximum Radius is 10 feet (15 feet for a fan effect).

Maximum Range is 60’+10’ per 2 levels. Lighting Bolt : is a special Area Effect 5’ wide and 20’+10’ long/level (or 10’ wide & half the length).

Non fire effects are -1 points per die of damage with the exception of lighting bolts.

Touch Attacks : are equal to range touch attacks but has a damage bonus of +1 per level and is not subject to the Non-Fire effect penalty.

4th level :

Lightning or Flame Strike : Useful for pinpoint accuracy against opponents in hand to hand. It is a ranged touch attack but is not bothered by cover or intervening combat. It is one level higher in casting level. It does damage equal to 1d6 per level. Unlike normal range touch attacks, a save is allowed for half damage (though at -2). It is 3’ in radius. Cast as a 5th level spell, it is 5’ in radius.

Cleric Spells

1st Level:

Armor Summons  		Summons armor, fully donned and prepared, under certain condition.  
Bane  			Enemies gain -1 attack and -1 on saves against fear.  
Bless       		Allies gain +1 attack/damage and +1 on saves against fear.  
Bless Water   		Makes holy water.  
Burial Blessing    	Prevents corpses from rising as undead.  
Cause Fear  		One creature of 5 HD or less flees for 1d4 rounds.  
Command  		One subject is prone and stunned for 1 round.  
Comp Languages		You understand all written and spoken languages.  
Cure Light Wounds  	Cures 1d8+1/level (max +5) damage.  
Detect Undead   	Reveals undead within 60'.   
Divine Favor   		You gain attack, damage bonus, +1/3 levels.  
Doom  			One subject -2 on  attack rolls, damage, saves & checks.  
Magic Weapon   		Weapon gains +1 bonus.   
Protection /Evil  	+2 to AC and saves, counters most mind control, hedges out outsiders.  
Remove Fear  		+4 save against fear for one subject, +1/4 levels.  
Resist Touch		Adds +2 luck bonus, +1/3 levels, to touch AC.  
Sanctuary    		Opponents can't attack you, and you can't attack.  
Shield of Faith   	Aura grants +2 or higher AC bonus.    
Summon Monster I   	Calls outsider to fight for you.   
2nd Level:   
Aid  			+1 attack, +1 on saves v. fear, 1d8 temporary hit points. 
Brambles	  	Blunt wooden weapon gains +1 attack, +1/level damage (max +10)  
Bull's Strength   	+4 enhancement bonus to Strength : 10 min per level.   
Calm Emotions   	Calms 1d6 subjects/level, negates emotion effects.  
Consecrate  		Fills area with positive energy, making undead weaker.  
Cure Mod Wounds  	Cures 2d8 +1/level (max +10) damage.  
Delay Poison  		Stops poison from harming subject for 1 hour/level.  
Desecrate  		Fills area with negative energy, making undead stronger.    
Eagle's Splendor  	Target gains +4 bonus to Charisma for 1 min./level. 
Endurance	   	+4 enhancement bonus to Endurance : 10 min per level.  
Gentle Repose  		Preserves one corpse.  
Hold Person  		Paralyzes one humanoid for 1 round/level.  
Inflict Mod. Wounds	Touch causes 2d8+1/level damage (max +10).  
Lesser Restoration  	Dispels magic ability penalty or repairs 1d4 ability damage.    
Remove Paralysis  	Frees one or more creatures from paralysis or slow effects.  
Shield Other  		You take half of subject's damage - up to 10 pts per level.  
Silence  		Negates sound in a 15 ft. radius.  
Sleep of the Dead	Feign death.  
Spiritual Weapon  	Magical weapon attacks on its own.  
Summon Monster II  	Summons outsider to fight for you.  

3rd Level:    
Continual Flame   	Makes a permanent, heatless, torch.  
Create Food& Water  	Feeds three humans (or one horse)/level.  
Cure Serious Wounds  	Cures 3d8 +1/level (max +15) damage.  
Daylight  		60 ft. radius of bright light.  
Deeper Darkness  	Object sheds absolute darkness in 60 ft. radius.  
Dispel Magic  		Cancels magical spells and effects.  
Glyph of Warding  	Inscription harms those who pass it.  
Godspeed  		Movement rate increases to 60 ft. and adds +2 to AC.  
Helping Hand  		Ghostly hand leads subject to you.  
Inflict Serious     	Touch causes 3d8 +1/level damage (max +15).  
Invisibility Purge  	Dispels invisibility within 5 ft./level.   
Magic Vestment    	Armor or shield gains +1 enhancement bonus/3 levels.  
Negative Energy Pr/ 	Subject resists level and ability drains.  
Obscure Object  	Masks object against divination. 
Prayer   		Allies gain +2 TO HIT AND DAMAGE  
Remove Blindness	Cures normal or magical condition OF BLINDNESS OR DEAFNESS.  
Remove Curse  		Frees object or person from one curse.  
Remove Disease  	Cures all diseases afflicting the subject.   
Searing RAY  		Ray deals 1d8/two levels, more against undead.  
Summon Monster III   	Summons outsider to fight for you.  

Fourth Level:     
Cure Critical Wounds   	Cures 4d8 +1/level (max +20) damage.  
Death Ward  		Grants immunity to death spells and effects.  
Dimensional Anchor     	Bars extradimensional movement.  
Dismissal   		Forces a creature to return to its native plane.  
Divination   		Provides useful advice for specific proposed action. 
Freedom of Movement  	Subject moves normally despite impediments.  
Greater Magic Weapon        +1 bonus / 3 levels (max. +5)   
Inflict Crit. Wounds  	Touch causes 4d8+1/level damage (max +20)   
Neutralize Poison  	Immunizes subject to poison; Detoxifies venom in or on object.  
Restoration   		Restores level and ability score drains.  
Sending   		Delivers short message anywhere, instantly.  
Spell Immunity   	Subject is immune to one spell/4 levels. 
Summon Monster IV  	Summons outsider to fight for you.   
Tongues   		Speak any language.   

Fifth Level:   
Atonement         	Removes burden of misdeeds from subject.   
Break Enchantment  	Frees subject from enchantments, etc
Commune   		Deity answers one yes-or-no question / level.  
Dispel Evil  		+4 AC v. aligned creatures, can banish outsiders, 
Flame Strike    	Smite foes with divine fire (1d6/level)  
Greater Command    	As command, but affects one creature/level.  
Hallow  		Designates location as holy.  
Plane Shift      	Up to eight subjects travel to another plane.  
Raise Dead  		Restores life to those/died up to 1 day/level ago. 
			Note :  a raise dead drains 2 levels from an elf,
			Instead of just 1 for another race  
Spell Phylactery	Scroll activates upon you if command word is spoken 
Spell Resistance  	Subject gains 12 +1/level SR.  
Summon Monster V   	Summons outsider to fight for you.  
Symbol of Pain  	Triggered rune wracks nearby creatures with pain.  
Symbol of Sleep   	Triggered rune puts nearby creatures into  slumber.  
True Seeing    		See all things as they really are.  

Sixth Level:    
Blade Barrier      	Wall of blades deals 1d6/level.   
Forbiddance    		Denies area to creatures of evil alignment.  
Geas/Quest     		Subject takes damage if it does not obey caster.    
Greater Dispel Magic  	As dispel magic, but up to +20 on check.  
Greater Glyph 	 	As glyph of warding, but up to 10d8 damage or 6th level spell.  
Harm     		Deals 10/level  damage to target.  
Heal    		Cures 10/level damage, diseases &mental conditions. 
Regenerate		Regenerates severed or missing limbs & raise dead.   
Word of Recall      	Teleports you back to designated place.  

Reincarnate Results	or Random Race

1d20		Demi			Dark			Animal

1		SAME			SAME			Bear
2		SAME			SAME			Bear
3		SAME			SAME			Dog
4		Human			Orc			Wolf
5		Human 			Orc			Boar
6		Human			Orc			Baboon
7		Human 			½ Orc			Horse
8		Elf			Drow			Gorilla
9		Gnome			Gnoll			Owl or Eagle
10		Dwarf			Bugbear			Toad or Rat

11		Halfling		Lizard Man		Bull or Cow
12		½ Elf			½ Ogre			Wolverine or Badger
13		½ Orc			Hobgoblin		Raccoon or Rabbit
14		Pixie / Nixie		Goblin			Fox
15		Kender			Gith or Githyanki	Bobcat or Lynx
16		Rare Human		Kobold			Hobbit Mount
17		Dark Race		Demi -			Crocodile or Alligator
18		Dark Race		Demi -			Hyaena
19		Animal			Animal			Turtle, Snake or Lizard
20		Unusual			Unusual			Deer or Stag

Name Class :

Is Considered 9th level. Stronghold construction costs of a name class character is -10% and monthly upkeep not including labor is -20%.

Fighters : A fighter of 9th level is a Lord, and attracts followers. Fighter followers are +2 on morale, and fighter/warriors cost 20% less to hire than they would for other characters. They acquire 1 1st level sergeant at 9th level, and each level thereafter. Their sergeants gain levels equivalent to those acquired by the Lord.

Rangers : A ranger of 9th level is a Lord, and followers are +2 on morale and -10% on cost.

Paladins : A paladin of 9th level is a Lord, and followers are +4 on morale as long as the Paladin maintains a church and -10% on cost.

Barbarians : A barbarian of 9th level is a Lord, and attract hoard followers. This wild group is -50% on costs but will be an extremely unruly bunch.

Wizards : A wizard of 9th level is a Arch Mage, and attracts apprentices. Up to 1 apprentice can be kept for no charge as long as a stronghold is maintained, + 1 additional apprentice per level beyond 9th. Apprentices advance in level with the Wizard … ie: one’s first apprentice becomes an “A2“ apprentice when the wizard reaches 10th level, and reaches 1st level when the wizard reached 11th. (Lost apprentices may be replaced with advertising and nominal expense as long as the wizard does not acquire a reputation for causing their deaths in some way).

Sorcerers : A sorcerer of 9th level is considered a Master Sorcerer, and followers are +2 on morale. Followers are -10% on cost.

Bards : A bard of 9th level is a Master Bard, and attracts an entourage. Bards attract minions of the opposite sex just as Wizards attract apprentices. These minions are +2 on charisma (not to exceed maximum), and morale is +4. These can be exchanged as minimal expense and time.

Clerics : A cleric of 9th level is considered a High Priest, and attracts converts. They attract acolytes just as a Wizard attracts Apprentices. They are +2 on morale.

Druids : A druid of 9th level is considered an Arch Druid, and attracts sylvan converts who are +4 on morale. They may maintain a grove at -50% the normal cost.

Rogues : A rogue of 9th level is a Master Rogue (thief) and gains apprentices just as Wizards do, except they are 1 level higher than the equivalent Wizard apprentice would be.

Monk : A monk of 9th level is a Master, and gains monk apprentices just as Wizards do, who are +2 on morale, except they are 1 level higher than the equivalent Wizard apprentice would be.

Leadership :

This Feat adds +2 to diplomacy, adds yet another +2 onto morale, and doubles the number of followers of 1st level or above.

Dabble Feat :

A player burning a feat in “Dabble” has the spell abilities of a A2 apprentice or acolyte.