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Faustus the Druid

Level 3 


Hit Points 30

STR 16          +2
INT 11          n/a
WIS 17          +3
DEX 5 (ouch)    -2
CON 16          +2
CHA 15          +1

Com 15          +1

Base Attack Bonus +2

Armor Class 11 

Armor Class Breakdown : 10 - 2 dex + 2 leather +1 Shield

Languages :

Skills :

Wilderness Lore
Art (drawing)
Boat Use
Vice (pleasure)

 His Gear and Loot 

 His Journal 


Faustus grew in the slums of Nyssia. His mother was a harlot and his father a druid (even druids have 'natural' urges). Faustus grew up at a brothel, and learned early the vice and corruption of mankind. His father would visit occassionally, and when the boy was old enough he began to take him on outings to learn about nature.

His dual upbringing taught him two things. The value of money, and the fierce beauty of nature. With power and money one could protect nature, and destroy those who threatened it.

As he grew older, he formed an alliance with some of the other children of the neighborhood. And took to thuggery, banditry and street crime.

But the lure of nature eventually became too strong, and he spent more and more time with his father learning the ways of the wild. When he came of age, his father gave him a letter, a small amount of money, and left, saying he had a venture far away to attend to. A journey which was long and could not include Faustus.

Faustus lived at the edge of town, loving nature but drawn to human companionship. He was young and sought adventure and fortune.