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Erias : Freeport and Erias are cities that have been peacefully annexed to the Empire some decades ago.

Erias is a city of clerics, paladins and general home of the worshippers of Lethri.

High pass : the gates of the Empire to the Wild Lands.

Melcea : Their capital, which is the largest city in all of the lands

Tar Honeth : Tar Vordune, Tar Horeb and Tar Honeth are original cities of the empire that are ruled by nobility.

Tar Hored : Tar Vordune, Tar Horeb and Tar Honeth are original cities of the empire that are ruled by nobility.

Tar Vardune: Tar Vordune, Tar Horeb and Tar Honeth are original cities of the empire that are ruled by nobility.

Freeport : Freeport and Erias are cities that have been peacefully annexed to the Empire some decades ago.

ALL trade from the Empire that moves east, coming to/from Cthol Murgos or is coming from the west passes through here. Itís the third largest city in the lands. There are rampant rumors of corruption and other unsavory stories coming from from there

Zagreb : Melcene colony in the WILD LANDS



Nyssia is a realm contained entirely of swamp. Its thick jungle produces all sorts of vile illnesses and diseases. Siss Thor is the city where all eastern bound naval trade for the Empire passes through. Itís a humid, bug infested rotten place. The emperors of Melcea have considered invading it from time to time, but it would cause more harm then good, as no Melcene nobility would want to rule it and stationing a legion there would be a disaster. In Nyssia, EVERYTHING goes to the highest bidder. Personal loyalty is a myth in the swamps. The primary drivers of their economy are tariffs on trade ships that pass through and slavery. Nyssians are generally viewed with great contempt for their involvement in slavery.

Siss Thor (city) :



Loralcoren Forest is the ancient home of the Elves. They have two primary cities: Qeynos and Felwithe. * * * * Humans seldom travel to anywhere in the forest other then Qeynos and Felwithe. Some says the Elves do not allow it, some say that they openly discourage itÖ

Humans view Elves as elitist. Elves view humans as being short sighted and to reliant upon their emotions.

* The dwarves inhabit the mountains to the north of Loralcoren. There are two ancient cities, Belgar and Nalgok. Humans have only been to Belgar. Elves have been to both. Dwarves are the primary jewelers and metalsmiths of the lands. Their forges produce fine items. As a rule, dwarves keep to themselves, to the point of where they are considered secretive.

* The Vale of Magdor is a strange land. There are many rumors of the peoples that live thereÖ

* Godshome is a mystical and spiritual set of mountains that many believe to be the home of the Gods. None dare to fully explore is as there unexplainable pyrotechnics displays that happen from time to time high up in the mountains that are visible for miles around. Most of the time, the mountains are shrouded in a thick, impenetrable mist. There is a river that flows out of the southside of Godhome into the Sea of Splendor, that also happens to be the source of the Sea..

* The Wild Lands are uncontrolled lands that stretch as far as the eye can see. To date, none have discovered its western or northern edges. Some who have set out to discover them have come back with wild tales that defy imagination. Many have never come back at all. Rumors abound to fantastic creatures that live there.

* The Living Wound is a barren region that contains an expanding and contracting, bottomless crevice that emits a foul, foul sulfur smell. There are occasional minor earthquakes and once every few years or decades, a small scale volcanic eruption has been known to happen.




Cthol Murgos is a land of desert and mountains. They are a brutal people who scar their own faces in the name of religious obedience to their god, Torak. Obedience to their god Torak drives everyday life in Cthol Murgos. Torakís followers are Grolims, who practice human sacrifice in the name of their god.

The only way into Cthol Murgos is via the great caravan route that eventually leads to the Imperial Highway. Murgos mine their own gold, or more precisely slaves mine the gold, which has a red tint to it and commonly known as blood gold. Cthol Murgos is virtually the only buyer of slaves from Nyssia. Murgos are distrusted and feared throughout the lands.

Rak Cthol is the religious center of Cthol Murgos.

Rak Goska is the capital and the only place in Cthol Murgos that non Murgos are allowed to see.


NARGA - Heavy Trade with Elves & Dwarves, and Sea Trade

ACTUM - Seaport (No significant overland routes)

VIDESSOS - Videssos is an extremely large city state. In fact, itís the second largest city in the lands. Itís the primary trading point east of The Sea of Splendor as all trade from the west comes to via the three rivers. There is a High Tower of Magic that is located there.

NAJENA - Seaport (No significant overland routes)

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