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Bullseye - James Bond RPG

Character Name              Standard Cover         Appearance  Height  Weight
Bullseye aka Eric Krauss    old man                attractive  5'11"   175#

Character Rank     Age     Fame Pts   Hero Pts    Current Profession(s) 
 00 equivalent     36        190         9        Assassin (retired - kind of)    

Strength 10 Speed 4 Dexterity 18 Hand to Hand Damage B Will 12 Perception 13 Intelligence 10 Primary Primary Skill level (formula) Chance Skill level (formula) Chance Driving 10 (per+dex)/2 25 Interog. - ( int ) - Charisma 8 (int+wil)/2 20 Local Custom 8 ( per ) 21 Boating 5 (per+dex)/2 20 Lockpicking 10 ( dex ) 28 Cryptography 10 ( int ) 20 Mountaineer 10 (wil+str)/2 20 Demolitions 10 ( int ) 20 Pickpocket 5 ( dex ) 23 Disguise 13 ( int ) 23 Piloting 5 (per+dex)/2 20 Diving 5 (str+dex)/2 19 Riding 12 (per+wil)/2 24 Electronics 10 ( int ) 20 Science 8 ( int ) 18 Evasion 13 (str+dex)/2 27 Seduction 10 (wil+cha)/2 20 Fire Combat 15 (dex+per)/2 30* 6th Sense 12 (int+per)/2 23 HandtoHand 12 ( str ) 22 Stealth 13 ( wil ) 25 Gambling 6 ( per ) 19 Torture - - - * he prefers thrown weapons though he is fully proficient in firearms. Thrown weapons are dexterity based, so his Primary Chance is 33.

Fields of Experience :
Thrown Weapon & Archery Specialist (PC @ 33), Horsebreeding, Skiing, Spiritualism, Chemistry, Toxicology, Tracking

Default Abilities : First Aid, Photography @ Primary Chance 12

Scars : Massive scarring to the base of the spine, two injuries
(has had surgery and eventual partial recovery by faith healing)
(have been fixed with cosmetic surgery but is still detectable by touch or thermograph)

Experience Points : 1300

Weaknesses : Ego, close personal tie(son).

Standard Weapons : shuriken and bow (acid & explosive common)

History : Was an orphan raised by a rich sports enthusiast in Switzerland. Raised and trained for the Olympics for Archery and Gun related events. Was insulted at the olympics by a fellow competitor and killed him, throwing a steak knife through his eye.

Publicity of the killing attracted the attention of an organized crime leader in America. The crime boss arranged Krauss' escape and faked his death. He was trained as an assassin.

He worked for years as an enforcer in the United States before going freelance. He married at age 20 to a german national and had a son Hans.

During one assassination he was severely defeated and beaten by an operative known as Stick. Stick defeated then left Krauss by leaping between two buildings. Krauss attempted to follow and failed to make the leap. His spine was severely damaged in the fall.

During his convalescence, his home was attacked and his wife killed. After recovering, with the help of a faith healer named Dark Wind, Krauss hunted down the assassin and killed her. He has since been manically protective of his son's safety.

He became romantically involved with MI6 agent Andrea Kolesar and retired from active operation. He learned of a group of young assassins being trained called the hellions and faked the construction of a training site on his estate. This was to test her trust in him. Finding the training facility, she left him without asking further explanation.

More recently, his son Hans was kidnapped and he suffered injuries to his spine while killing the kidnapper. He faked the injuries as being more drastic than they were (though they did indeed require much therapy, surgery and healing). He now feels he is back to near top shape.

After his defeat by Stick he has trained himself in Blind Fighting. He has since early in his career distained guns after one failed to fire during a battle. (He is however fully skilled in gun use)

He is uniquely genetically gifted with a 18 dexterity and because his speed is a 4 he may make 2 called shots per round. He normally ups the damage of the attack with explosives, toxins or acid.

Former places of Residence : Switzerland , New York, Tokyo, Switzerland, Florida, New England, and current location unknown.

His henchman is a italian hit man named Luigi but in truth Luigi merely is an errand man. Krauss lets people think that Luigi makes all his arrangements but quite the opposite is true. Luigi does has a gift for voice mimicry which makes him useful.