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Judge Blood

Judge Blood :   	
                Fight 50  Strength  75  Endurance 100  Agilty  40  /  
                Reason  30  Intuition 75  Psyche 75
		Health  265   Karma  180   Armor  75
		Vampiric Powers:            Shadow Casting  50    Telekinesis  40   
                                            Nightvision/Enhanced senses        40
                                            Regeneration  10/rnd     
                                            Shapeshifting (animals or mist)  40
                                            Flight   30 mph
		Enhanced Genetic Powers:    Telekinesis    100    
                                            Force Field                     Shift-X
 		                            Molecular Rearrangement         Shift-Z   
                                            Clairvoyance / Telelocation     Shift-Z   
             		                    Precognition   Shift-X   Astral Forms  Shift-Z
		                            Aging Control   Shift-Z
                                            Cosmic Awareness      75

		Technology:                 Armor   75     Protected Senses   75    
                                            Flight   400 mph  + misc powers at level 40

Note : Dredd has long since retired and is dwelling quietly in the ancient past of an alternate universe. He has a stronghold on Mars, 2 wives, a harem and five known children (he was briefly fertile even as a vampire but this has since changed).

He has acquired vast technology but does not use this, except for self protection.