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Juan Montoya - Earth 818

Juan was born believed to be the son of Pedro Manuel Montoya. Shortly after his birth, his mother ‘died’. Pedro raisef the boy as best he could , not discovering until years later that the boy was not his own. By that time, Juan was a young adult and their relationship as father and son was well established.

Juan grew up quite happily, excelling at athletics and academics. Unfortunately, he also had a wild side, engaging in various minor illegal activities. At the age of 15, he was graduating from high school as valedictorian when he was approached with an offer of scholarship to the nearby prestigious Hamlin University. He and other young geniuses were being groomed as the newest best of the best, the project funded by a billionaire Nathaniel Crane. Montoya and the others thrived in the academic environment, and degrees began flowing like water. By age 18 he had multiple doctorates and their circle began a multitude of research projects with grants and backing by Crane. Many of them also used the money from their discoveries to fund independent research.

At age 18, Montoya released a series of world shattering discoveries. He had discovered a cure for cancer and other diseases. He had discovered feasible fusion power, solving America’s energy issues. Synthetic blood and skin were developed. It seemed the world was at his feet. Known for his charitable works, the medical patents are managed by Crane Technologies (which later became Harbinger Industries) and services are offered at-cost to those unable to afford treatment.

However, accompanying his scientific and charitable achievements, Juan Montoya became notorious for a hedonistic and wild lifestyle. He became romantically involved with his cousin Angel Sanchez. This after discovering that he was not biologically the son of Pedro Montoya. While the discovery did nothing to harm his relationship with Pedro, it did remove in Juan’s mind any taboos regarding these ’relatives‘. His exploits became legendary, with wild partying and clubbing. Paris Hilton soon took a back burner to Juan’s excessive lifestyle.

He eventually married Angel, but their open relationship did nothing to stem his behavior. Angel also became an ‘angel of the tabloids’, and was known for her seductive ways … especially toward those of her own gender. She continues to ‘work’ as an exotic dancer in nearby Center City. Both have starred in adult movie releases, often with each other. Neither shuns the spotlight, and they maintain friendly relations with the paparazzi.

Juan and Angel Montoya have 3 children, all through surrogate mothers but genetically theirs. They have established a mansion lifestyle seemingly patterned after that of Hugh Hefner with whom they are rumored to be friends. Juan has even served as a photographer for Playboy magazine, and Angel has appeared in the magazine multiple times, as have some of their friends and relatives. Juan is rumored to have had romantic relationships with both the rock star Cassidy and her half sister Kristi McCaffrey, as well as many other famous celebrity women.

Rumors abound over Juan Montoya’s current research activities. It has been a number of years since the release of any major discovery, though smaller releases have been made. As a side note, Juan gained controlling interest in a Florida cruise line after a lawsuit involving multiple deaths. He also owns a resort in Rio and other businesses and properties around the world.


While a genius, Juan did not invent all of his discoveries. What he DID invent was a dimensional travel device with which he has explored numerous worlds. From some of the more advanced ones, he 'acquired' technology, taking credit back in his home universe.

Juan has retired to a private pacific island, filling it with people interested in enjoying hedonistic island life.

Juan has been and sometimes still is a member of the Exiles.