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Juan Montoya - Earth 818

Juan was born believed to be the son of Pedro Manuel Montoya. Shortly after his birth, his mother ‘died’. Pedro began to raise the boy as best he could but discovered that the boy was not his biological son, but rather that of another unknown man. Juan was put up for adoption.

Juan became a ward of the state, living in various orphanages and foster homes. In none of these was he overly well treated. He was a remarkably intelligent boy, and athletic, often creating great rivalry with other orphans or people in his foster homes. The only really close tie he developed was with the cousin of his last group of foster-siblings. A beautiful young girl named Shannon. He became romantically infatuated with her., though she was romantically uninterested. He settled for friendship.

Juan learned at a young age that he was more intelligent than anyone around him. He began taking martial arts at a young age, using money stolen from his foster parents and using forged documents and paying a small time neighborhood drug dealer to pose as his father while signing him up. Soon, the one time arrangement blossomed and Juan was running drugs and money for various local criminals and gangs. He would later become involved in various other illegal activities, such as drag racing and getaway driving.

One thing he did pride himself was his superior intellect, and became a voracious learner. His computer skills became remarkable, and he became a skilled hacker. Simultaneously, his academics blossomed and he graduated from high school with top honors at age 15. He received a full scholarship to UCLA in medicine and computer sciences while continuing to live with his foster parents.

About to turn 18, he was about to graduate from medical school when he was caught hacking the school’s computer system, gaining personal information on certain female students. Further investigation revealed that he had hacked various government databases with similar goals and methods. He was expelled from school. However, a technicality allowed him to be cleared of all legal charges. The legal records were sealed because of his status as a minor.

Shortly after turning 18, he was contacted by a legal firm. It seemed his aunt on his mother’s side had discovered their relationship but the woman died before being able to make contact. It seemed that she was quite wealthy, and Juan inherited her home and minor fortune, mostly in the form of a large number of collectible art and historical pieces. Sadly, the house and much of the collection was destroyed when one item, a gigantic hydraulically powered piece of modern art, exploded. It was all heavily insured.

Cleanup was begun and only a small percentage of the collectibles were recovered, which Juan loaned to various museums for display and safe keeping. Juan appeared to enter into a manic stage, and exhibited odd behavior such as getting near full body tattoos and becoming romantically involved with an aged film actress of the late 1930’s. When the actress passed away not long thereafter, tabloid rumors began to circulate until it was discovered that Montoya had donated nearly all she’d left him in her will to various charities. He did purchase her home at a remarkably low price when it came to auction - the peak of the housing disaster.


Juan went through an experience similar to the modern remake of the movie 13 ghosts. Surviving the experience, he had been briefly captured and tattooed with mystic runes which now cause him to Quantum Leap throughout space and time, setting right what once went wrong. He has acquired some technology during his leaps, but it is extremely limited (so far limited to creating a Rocketeer style jetpack). On the New and Full moon he quantum leaps ( the leap lasts til dawn for his body, but can take months in the form he possesses ).

He does not know it, but the tatoo runes also make him capable of learning mystical spells.