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Incarnations of Hamilton Slade

Hamilton Slade:

Hamilton Slade was born the son of a rich New England industrialist. He was from birth exceptional - athletic, intelligent, charismatic ... but his most impressive features was his driven energy level. While keeping active athletically and socially, he graduated from the finest schools with multiple degrees in law, business, and science. Upon the inheritance of his family fortune, he became financial mogul by getting in on the ground floor of many technology related businesses. On his personal career, he became active as a prosecutor, then later as a judge ... quickly becoming a high court judge. He was motivated in government fund raisers and behind the scenes, he organized and helped finance covert government operations. He eventually secretly became a Commission agent and later Commission board member. Among his covert operations was the assault and abduction of the Vision, and the download and partial erasure of his memory and personality engrams.

As the 20th century neared a close, Slade was on a vacation in northern Maine when his vehicle was assaulted by a team of superpowered assassins from the 22nd century. Also arriving just in time was a team of paramilitary superhumans, who intervened against the assassins. Slade was already fatally injured. As he lost consciousness, he saw a form stepping over him. It looked remarkably like himself, but somehow inhumanly imposing. It was his last sight before he lost consciousness.

He awakened near his car, feeling in prime of life. He was feeeling immensely healthy and strong, his body now near genetically perfect - state of the art genetic engineering. Also, he found merged with his own memories was the personality and mind of 22nd century hero and law enforcer known as Lord Justice. Though curiously blank in certain areas, he knew from this future hero’s memories that the he, Hamilton Slade, had founded an organization of heroes which would eventually save the world from a world wide nuclear-biological holocaust and become a multi-national peace keeping force on earth. In the latter 22nd century, a radical third world country - in the midst of losing a conflict with other world forces - financed a team of super powered assassins to go back and kill Slade. The peace keeping force’s psychics detected this and sent back their own team to intervene, including a genetically enhanced clone of Slade himself : Lord Justice. They arrived seconds too late to stop Slade from being harmed ... that is the last memory Lord Justice has of the event. The Lord Justice side of his mind surmised that Slade’s consciousness had somehow been downloaded into Lord Justice’s body so that Slade might live and complete his destiny.

He was wrong. In actuality, Slade himself was injected with a mutagenic drug which transformed him on a genetic level into an enhanced version of himself. It also overlaid his own personality and carefully edited memories of Lord Justice.

Slade himself, of course, was unaware of this, and within a few hours his own personality merged flawlessly with that of Lord Justice himself. He set about using his resources and organizational genius to found the paramilitary hero organization which would eventually save the world. He himself assumed a heroic identity adopting the title Lord Justice as a working name. Major recruiting ensued and the organization soon became very successful. His covert intelligence and informational sources as a Commission member proved invaluable. At this stage it’s status was as a private corporation, all agents having security licenses and some even having deputized authority. Some small but prosperous countries have hired the organization as a supplementary law enforcement and security force.

Hamilton Slade:	
           Fight  10  Strength  15  Endurance  20  Agility  10  
           Reason   30  Intuit 30   Psyche  40
           Health  55   Karma  100        Innate Powers: none

Lord Justice/Judge Dredd: 	
            Fight   40  Strength  30  Endurance 40  Agility 30   /  
            Reason   30  Intuit  40  Psyche  40
            Health  140   Karma  110    
            Powers :
            Genetic Powers:    Psi-Blind,    resistance to disease 30, regeneration  2/round
            Technology:  Armor  30   Boot Jets  10mph    22nd century handgun: dam 45   
	    Helmet : low light/ IR / UV vision    Protected Senses  40   Computer comm link  

Judge Blood:

As Slade’s work as Lord Justice was achieving it’s desired goal, Lord Justice was slain when he dropped his guard with some lady acquaintances. These ladies, unbeknownst to him, had been converted to an improved form of vampirism by an old enemy. Slade barely managed to summon aid, who arrived and captured the vampires but Slade’s injuries were too severe and he soon died. His teammates were considering the proper disposal of the body, when another team of vampires attacked trying to recover the body. The containment canister for Slade’s body was breached during the battle, and the vampiric Slade awakened. However, he proved too strong willed to aid the vampires against the heroes. But he himself had taught his teammates that vampires were not truly living creatures, so he thought better of joining them either. Instead, he made his escape while the battle raged, and took refuge in the sewers of NYC.

His major mental anguish was the fact that he had died. He had always thought that he was destined to survive until his organization was a bit more established. He realized he was wrong. He realized that the organization could continue without him. This was a major blow to his ego. Also, the mystical conversion to vampirism had dulled his normal inhibitions. In his case, this was highly dangerous. Always an incredibly capable person, he now had the added powers of vampirism. Lacking his former inhibitions, he became very aggressive in the acquisition of power. Superhumans of vast power were recruited into vampirism, and those not bowing to his authority were dealt with ruthlessly. He retitled himself Judge Blood, and within a few years became the ruling genius behind a vampiric secret empire.

Eventually, he acquired the genetics of a vastly powerful mutant, and used experimentation to bond the genes to himself. This proved especially successful aided by his pliable genetic structure. He used his new near unlimited power to gather his forces, and - in a move that surprised everyone - relocated himself to another dimension and causing little more strife upon earth for a time. This new dimension was prehistoric and so he was unchallenged and built himself an empire with himself and his family as Royal Family. (He had previously discovered a way to make himself fertile, and had a handful of children before stopping the treatments). He also traveled back into the past of the alternate reality, so finding him will be incredibly difficult.

Some long while after he left, Blood came back to his home dimension and made a change in the timeline. The result, Slade himself had not been killed by vampires. Judge Blood stayed safely in the other dimension during the alteration, and thus survived it. Basically he had destroyed his own past ... no one remembered that there had ever been a Judge Blood except handfuls of fellow dimension travellers, etc. The surviving counter part of himself, the Non-vampiric Lord Justice only enjoyed a short period of success. Shortly after surviving the vampiric attack, Lord Justice became injured during a battle with a supervillain group. He had been victorious, but thereafter had dropped out of sight - presumably recovering from his injuries.

Judge Blood :   	
                Fight 50  Strength  75  Endurance 100  Agilty  40  /  
                Reason  30  Intuition 75  Psyche 75
		Health  265   Karma  180   Armor  75
		Vampiric Powers:            Shadow Casting  50    Telekinesis  40   
                                            Nightvision/Enhanced senses        40
                                            Regeneration  10/rnd     
                                            Shapeshifting (animals or mist)  40
                                            Flight   30 mph
		Enhanced Genetic Powers:    Telekinesis    100    
                                            Force Field                     Shift-X
 		                            Molecular Rearrangement         Shift-Z   
                                            Clairvoyance / Telelocation     Shift-Z   
             		                    Precognition   Shift-X   Astral Forms  Shift-Z
		                            Aging Control   Shift-Z
		Technology:                 Armor   75     Protected Senses   75    
                                            Flight   400 mph  + misc powers at level 40


A being chosen by Blood to survive the timeline change unaltered was a vampiric clone of Judge Blood (cloned before the acquisition of Judge Blood’s enhancement of power). Judge Blood had briefly used the clone to go to prison for his own crimes. A fairly transparent ruse, it was even more dubious after everyone forgot that Judge Blood existed and the clone found himself sitting in a cell and no one remembering why.

He escaped when this occurred, and decided not to follow in his prototype’s footsteps and instead decided to resume a heroic career. This was aided by the removal of the world’s knowledge of the existence of his prototype but hampered by his vampiric tendencies ... which the clone fought quite willfully.

The clone renamed himself Rook, after the chess move in which a king switches places with a rook for the former’s protection - a reference to the clone’s incarceration. Rook gathered a band of heroes, mostly clones like himself, dedicated to good (Though sometimes a bit on the blurry side of justice). He called this group the Redeemers, for he hoped to redeem himself against his dark nature and hoped others would do likewise.

After many adventures, Rook performed a service for some of the gods of Olympus, saving and rescuing a young goddess. He was rewarded by the god Hades by being brought back to life. He continued his heroic endeavors, though depending on technology a bit more now than his former vampiric powers. He became involved with one of his teammates and they had a son together.

After a while, they too decided to retire. Perhaps taking a cue from his prototype, Rook moved with his family to an alternate dimension - but this one was simply a mundane version of his own ... one singularly lacking in superhumans. He retired to a mundane life and became a very successful businessman. His heroic deeds now consisted only of charitable donations and fundraisers, and he refrained almost entirely from use of his powers and technologies as did his girlfriend (and later wife and mother to his second child ... even later, ex-wife ).

Hamilton Slade has been seen active and doing well, but persons who have used sensors and power detection on him find him to be purely human. It is suspected this Slade may be a clone or perhaps an alternate timeline version of himself.

Rook :     	Fight 40  Strength  75  Endurance 100  Agilty  40  /  
                Reason  30  Intuition 50  Psyche 40
		Health  265   Karma  180   Armor  75          
                Genetic Powers:  Psi-blind
		Vampiric Powers:    Shadow Casting  50    Telekinesis  40   
                                    Nightvision/Enhanced senses        40
                        	    Regeneration  10/rnd     Shapeshifting (animals or mist)  40
                                    Flight   30 mph
		Technology:         Armor   50            Protected Senses     40      
                                    Flight   200 mph   +  misc powers at level 40

Rook (human) : 	Fight 40  Strength  30* Endurance 40* Agilty  30  /  
                Reason  30  Intuition 40  Psyche 40
		Health  140   Karma  110   Armor  50          
                Genetic Powers:  Psi-blind             Regeneration  2/rnd     
		Mystic Powers:   Shadow Casting  50   (a carry over from being a vampire)
		Technology:      Armor   50     Protected Senses   40      Flight   100 mph  
		                 Strength enhancement  40 tons    +  misc powers at level 40

Ikonn :

Ikonn is an android duplicate of Judge Blood. An earlier non-biological version of Rook. It has upgraded itself multiple times and considers itself self-aware.

Like Rook, it was left behind on Earth proper, but survived the timeline change.