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Power list:

This is a list with powers and a short description from the Ultimate Powers Book,
I decided not to explain powers that speak for themselves because otherwise I could
just as well copy the entire book. Any questions that remain can by e-mailed to me.
E-Mail adress:               

The numbers behind the power catagory is the number thrown when creating a new
character(1d100). (The other numbers are in another tabel, I know it's not the easiest but 
it saved me a lot of time.)

 Defensive powers:  (01-05)
      Body Armor  
      Force Field : Force Fields completely absorbs any attacks that have
		an intensity equal or less than the power rank number. The
		remaining Intensity breaches the field and affects anyone within
		with its deminished effect. Force Fields enable certain power stunts.
      Force Field vs.Emotion: minimum= Int+1CS  
      Force Field vs.Energy  
      Force Field vs.Magic  
      Force Field vs.Mental : min=Psyche+1CS
      Force Field vs.Physical  
      Force Field vs.Power Man.  
      Force Field vs.Vampirism  
      Reflection: The power rank of the power is substracted from the attacks
		intensity, (Ex power-rank vs. Rm damage results in Fe damage).
		The rest is reflected back. A Typical FEAT is required to reflect
		the attack in random direction, an AM FEAT to direct the attack -3CS
		back to the attacker. A Un FEAT to completely turn the attack.
		When the power is breached once the user has to make a green FEAT
		to use the power again, when breached for the 2nd time ha has to
		make a yellow FEAT, for each following breach he must make a
		red FEAT.  
      Resistance: Same as Force Fields in effect but it affects only the user and none
		of the Force Fields power stunts are possible.
      Resist:Emotion: min=Int+1CS  
      Resist:Mental: min=Psyche+1CS  
      Resist:Power Man.  

 Detection Powers:  (06-11)
      Abnormal Sensitivity: The hero can hear/feel/see things he cannot normally see
		and vice versa. He can for instance see infrared but not normal.  
      Circular Vision: 360 degree vision, +1CS Fighting, -1CS pop (grotesk eyes)  
      Energy Detection  
      Environmental Awareness: complete knowledge of surroundings  
      Extradimensional Detection  
      Hyper-Hearing: sonic attacks at +1CS  
      Hyper-Olfactory: when unable to block nasty scents -1CS Reason and End 
      Life detection: indentify presence and nature
      Magic Detection
      Microscopic vision
      Penetration Vision: X-Ray vision
      Power Detection: identify specific heroes at Un FEAT
      Psionic Detection
      Radar Sense: -1CS vs.electrical and magnetic attacks
      Sonar: vulnerable to sonic
      Telescopic vision
      Thermal Vision
      True Sight: penetrate any diguise below this rank, green for a power at +1CS
		up to red for +3CS
      Ultraviolet Vision: see clearly through fog and water
      Weakness detection: rank Good or below, physical weaknesses only. Ex to Am
		mental and physical. Mn and above, mental physical and powerbased.

 Energy Control powers: (12-16)
        Absorbtion Power: The hero can absorb a specific type of energy and convert
		it into health. Choose which energy type (life energy, nuclear, light etc.)
        Catalytic Control: Increase or decrease the speed of chemical reactions.
		Or the hero can for instance increase the heat generated by a process.
		Possible power stunts are: Increase Strength and End by increasing the
					metabolizing of Oxygen and Food,
					Hastening decay
					Forming Compounds by simple mixing
					Stopping nuclear reactions
					Causing impossible reactions etc.
        Cold Shaping: Increase or decrease cold intensity or redirect Cold powers,
		Cold Generation is a bonus power.
        Darkforce Manipulation: Generate and control the 'darkforce'.
		Power Stunts: 	Blunt attack at rank damage
				Flight at -1cs
				Energy Solidification
        Electrical Control: as other control powers but character also gets resistance
		to electrical attacks. He can also remotely operate electrical devices
		with a Gd power FEAT, complex machinery requires a Rm FEAT.
        Energy Conversion: Change one form of energy into another at 1 rank lower
		than original. He must make a power FEAT vs. the intensity of the energy.
		The hero can gain energy emission (Dazzler) or convert enrgy in
		a less dangerous form. Heat to cold in a firestorm for instance.
        Energy Solidification: Form solid forms of intensity material strength.
		Simple solids require a Fb FEAT, animated require Ty and simple
		machinery requires an In FEAT. Power stunts: 
			create cages
			forming servants
			build semi-permanent structures
			create body armor to protect and enhance abilities
		Pieces that are broken of revert to enrgy form and do -4CS damage.
        Energy Sponge:Absorb and store any kind of energy. Up to power rank can
		be stored and released at -2CS or harmlessly dissipated. The hero
		can absorb more energy at a red FEAT but failure results in
		a complete release of energy at full damage to the hero and surroundings.
        Energy Vampirism: Drain energy from a target and convert it into Str, End, Psy
		or other powers. Non-living can be drained totally at a power FEAT vs.
		energy intensity. Living targets have a resistance intensity equal to
		their Psy and only energy emission powers can be drained.
        Fire Control: Control existing flames, increase or decrease by power rank.
		The hero has power rank resistance vs. heat&fire.
        Gravity Manipulation: changes gravity intensity with following power stunts:
			changing gravity direction
			creating artificial gravity
			launching targets into space
			levitation at -1CS speed
			incapacitating a foe by increasing his weigth
			forming large asteroids from space debris.
        Hard radiation control: control X-rays, alpha, beta, gamma and cosmic rays.
        Kinetic Control: Increase or decrease kinetic energy. Ty intensity FEAT allows
		him to change the direction of any moving object or he can
		'push' a target with power rank strength. He can also control
		a targets telekinesis or kinetic bolts power with a FEAT vs.
		opponents power intensity.
        Light Control: Control light, form crude holograms on Rm feat and gain +1CS
		resistance to light based attack.
        Magnetic Manipulation:control existing magnetic forces and shape the field
		in certain forms to for instance create force fields.
        Plasma Control: control plasma, create plasme constructs or counteract plasma powers.
        Radiowave Control: same as other control powers except microwave, AM or FM waves.
		or simulate broadcasts.
        Shadowshaping: form 2-dimensional shadow constructs that do power rank damage
		and remote sense through them, he can also see through shadows.
        Sound Manipulation: same as other wtih following power stunts
			muting voices, alarms
			magnifying sounds to do power rank damage
        Thermal Control: control heat or cold but only the thing directly affected by the
		heat or cold source.
        Vibration Control: increase or decrease vibrations, controling earthquakes.
		Richter number		intensity
			1		Fe,Pr
			2		Ty,Gd
			3		Ex,Rm
			4		In,Am
			5		Mn,Un
			6		Sh-X,Sh-Y
			7		Sh-Z,CL1000
			8		CL3000, CL5000
		other power stunts:
			distort voices
			cripple gyroscopes
			adjust vibration of his own atoms permitting him to phase
 Energy Emission powers: (17-24)
		Energy Emission powers allow a hero to do power rank damage by
		generating the pure forms of energy unless otherwise noted.
        Cold Generation: NOT ice genration, generate extreme colds (see judge book for effects)
        Electrical Generation
        Energy Doppelganger: generate an energy body from himself which can have powers
		and automatically has True Flight and power characteristic to the energy type.
        Fire Generation
        Hard Radiation
        Heat: NOT fire generation, possible power stunts
		causing breakdown of molecular or atomic bonds (Am and Un FEAT)
		Negating a target's magnetism
		Negating conductivity
		Strengthening materials
		changing local weather
        Kinetic Bolt
        Light Emission
        Plasma Generation: also create plasma fields with 2 of the following effects
		Light at -2CS illumination
		Heat at -2CS
		Flame at -2CS
		Hard Radiation at -2CS
		Magnetism at -2CS
		Electricity at -2CS		
        Radiowave Generation
        Shadowcasting: emit a field that obscures energy intensity, the following are affected
		at listed power rank:
			Light at Gd or below
			Heat at Ex
			Hard Radiation at Rm
			Radiowaves at In
			Energy doppelgangers at Am
			Energy Bodies at Mn
        Sonic Generation
        Vibration: power stunts
		vibratory shield with +2CS protection vs solid attacks
 Fighting powers: (25-29)
        Berserker: Reason and Psyche drop to Feeble while Strength and Fighting
		increase by the lost amount. (Example: A character with Rm Re and In
		Psyche loses 66 points (30-2 + 40-2 = 66) so his S and F increase by
		33 points each.) The characters also gets power rank Iron will.
		The rage last for the entire combat + 1d100 turns.
        Martial Supremacy: Choose a Martial Arts then add this powers rank to
		the already possesed skill. Character can also do power rank
		damage to non-living matter. The power may be changed for
		swordsmanship or archery.
        Natural Weaponry: Rank is material strength of claws, teeth or other weaponsy.
        Weapon Creation: Create weapons out of thin air, same as molecular creation.
		The character can only make Reason number of weapons as he
		must have knowledge of the weapon to create it.
        Weapons Tinkering: Assemble any weapon or even improve it on a red FEAT.

 Illusory powers:(30-31)
        Animate Image: generate a 3-dimensional image from a flat image
		he must see the image to make it react real to its surroundings
        Illusion-Casting: The real thing. Illusions that appear solid and can
		even be recorded and detected by machinery, still he must be
		able to see the target area. The illusions can immitate any power.
		The illusion-caster also gains ligth emmision and generation
		at -2CS and can duplicate other visual powers at -2CS
		(hypnotism for instance)
        Illusory Invisibility
        Illusory Duplication: perfect duplicates of the caster.

Life Control powers:(32-35)
        Biophysical Control: alter the physiology of a target at power rank -1CS for every 10 feet
			separating the hero and the target and -1CS per extra target.
			The result of this power is permanent, the hero must choose one of
			the following:
				Healing: target gains power rank health, green FEAT handles
					broken bones and simple wounds, yellow handles
					wound to organs, terminal diseases and non-fatalpoisons,
					red handles mortal wounds, massive physical trauma.
				Regeneration: Heal health as above and regenerate lost limbs.
				Revival: ressurection, the target can be dead power rank days,
					the condition of the corpse determines the color of the FEAT.
				Damage transferral: The hero heal someone with his own health and
					then heals himself at the same rank.
				Decay: Power Rank damage
				Disruption: also power rank damage
				Aging: multiply aging by power rank, green accelerates aging, yellow
					stops it and red reverses it.
        Bio-Vampirism: drains health and increases his own Str, End, Psy, and power ranks, you
			gain the bonus power of Mind Control over drained victims but you must
			take a weakness. Every turn the bio-vampire must make a FEAT (vs targets
			Psyche) , if the first FEAT is succesfull the victim is immobilized.
			To break of the attack the vampire must make a Psyche FEAT, if he rolls
			red he enters a frenzy and must feed. 
        Body Transformation-others: in chemical form, physiological form (change to plant animal etc.)
			or energy form. Judge determines effects, player chooses one of the above.
        Emotion Control
        Exorcism: Ty FEAT against lower rank possesions, Rm against equal and Am vs. higher
        Force Field vs.Hostiles: mental invisibility can bypass this field, acts as Force field vs. hostile intnet.
        Forced Reincarnation: The hero can hold a dead spirit in stasis while searching a new body, when
		implanting in a living body he may resist using psyche.
        Grafting:: mad-scientist material, Dr Frankenstein etc. strongly linked to Bio-Physical control.
        Hypnotic Control: normal command reequire a green FEAT, immoral commands a red FEAT
        Mind Control: four versions: Puppetry: target remains aware
				Possesion: targets mind loses consciousness and control
				Negation: targets mind turned off
				Magnification: Re, Int and/or Psy can be increased
        Mind Transferral: the hero can transfer his mind into several individuals each believing
			to be the real one
        Neural Manipulation: Disruption: targets body loses all feelings
			  Paralysis: body turn rigid
			  Seizure: muscles spasm
			  Exaggeration: overreact when attempting movement 
        Plague Carrier: hero is himself immune to disease. The character can infect the target with deadly
			diseases or cure them. The character has to gain the diseases before he
			can use them and starts with things like common flu etc.
        Plant Control: impart plants with limited movement and intelligence
        Plant Growth
        Sense Alteration: amplify or negate senses
        Shapechange-Others: if form for instance cannot breath then ckeck for kill
        Spirit Storage: store and communicate with spirits and immune to possesion from them. Spirits
		can escape on a red Psyche FEAT
        Summoning: Summoned creatures from other planes, green FEAT if creatures Psyche is lower,
		yellow if equal, red FEAT for higher. Summoned creatures must perform one task.
        Undead Control: control zombies at a green FEAT, intelligent (mummies, vampires) at red FEAT.
		you may exchange another power for the zombie creation power.

        Enchantment: imbue an item with spells which then releases it at a specific moment
        Energy Source: not a real power, the character can perform magic while in contact
		with his energy source
        Internal Limbo: Targets can resist by using Strength agility or a travel power and the mage
		must make a agility FEAT to capture a moving target. He can only draw in targets
		smaller or equal than himself. The limbo functions as a +6CS emotion control.
		An example is Warlocks soul gem.
        Magic Control: manipulate, magnify/reduce or negate magic
        Magic Creation: invest beings with new magical powers.
        Magic Domination: a form of Mind Control to force other Mages to cast magic the way
		the holder of this power wants it.
        Magic Transferral: Transfer Magical Power to a person in contact (or at -1CS / 10feet distance)
		The mages own rank drops by the transfered amount. A Green Reason FEAT
		means the duration is 100* the combined reason of target and mage, yellow means
		10000* and red means permanent.
        Magic Vampirism: Drain magical powers from objects or drain living Magic from a living being
		(see Vampirism)
        Power Simulation: Magical version of a normal power. (roll again)
        Reality Alteration: reshape time, choose one of the following:
			Alter Future: up to power rank in turn, the harder the higher the feat
			Alter Present: create some sort of pocket-dimension with a number of
				people equal to his rank. Green feat for small alterations, etc.
				Duration, green reason feat gives 2 hours * reason rank, yellow=
				1 day*reason rank, red=10 days* reason rank (permanent at judge
        Spirit Vampirism: Drain Intuition and Psyche to increase Str, End, Psy and powers (see Vampirism)
        Sympathetic Magic: (Voodoo magic) Powers work through some sort of Effigy, sticking pins
			in it hurts the character.
        Warding: Create wards that have up to rank number of power rank intensity powers to go
		of when certain conditions are met.
Matter Control:(41-47)
        Bonding: Bonding on molecular level, first turn Fe and +1cs each turn until power rank is reached
        Collection: Collect matter from your sorrounding for instance salt from the sea, this can also
		affect phasing or ethereal targets if the user remains concentrating.
        Crystallization: to affect a moving target agility FEAT, victims may resist as normal. Target
		(living or non-living) is transformed in gem-like substance with power-rank material
		strength for 1 min/power rank. If a living being is shattered he remains crystallized
		until he is somehow reassembled
        Disruption: Material strength determines FEAT, living targets may resist as enrgy attack 
        Geoforce: locate earth-related things, create vulcanous, earthquakes etc.
        Matter Animation: alter flow of raw material air, liquid or solid
        Machine Animation: vs. machines 'Psyche' which is zero when non-sentient, machine can move
		at rank -2cs
        Micro Environment: in a close sphere around the hero there's fresh air, normal temp. etc.
		this protects against acid rain, extreme temp. gasses etc.
        Molding: shape solid material
        Weather Control
        Zombie Animation: physical abilities at -3cs power rank, mental abilities are zero, health as power rank
		up to psyche rank zombies can be controled, they are immune to psionics or mental
		powers, disease, poisons, pheremones, hard radiation and sonics.

Matter Conversion:(48-53)
        Coloration: change colors, this power can equal -2cs shadowcasting, shadowshaping, heat emission
		, force-field vs. heat
        Combustion: spontaneous combustion in 1-10 turns, power rank damage
        Disintegration: see disruption
        Elemental Conversion:convert matter into specific element, each pound created costs 1 health.
		converting a living being results in the being placed in stasis, if only
		part is conversed, use your imagination what happens further, probably
		a kill result
        Ionization: target emits electricity at -1cs power rank, effects are as -2cs disintegration, -2cs heat
		or become temporarily ethereal 
        Molecular Conversion: same as elemental conversion but this power can be used to form compounds
		in stead of just 1 element.
Matter Creation:(54-57)
        Artifact Creation: create desired objects out of nothing, each pound costs 1 health, the character
		must have detailed knowledge of the designs he wants to create.
        Elemental Creation: Same as Conversion except the elemant is created out of nothing.
		This gives nearly unlimited possibilities.
        Lifeform Creation: maximum number of ounces equal to power rank number. A green reason feat
		gives a lifetime of 100*reason, yellow gives 10.000*, red is permanent. The hero
		must have detailed knowledge of the organism to create.
        Mechanical Creation: create machines, duration as above
        Missile Creation: stunning of power rank or combined with other powers the player has like
		power begation/control or induced teleportation.
        Molecular Creation: same as conversion except agian out of nothing.
        Spray: Fb damage and visibility -2cs, combined with other powers for instance freeze cloud
		when the character also has cold emission.
        Webcasting: power rank strength upon hardening, can also be combined for instance with spirit 
		storage to capture disembodied spirits.

Mental Enhancement:(58-71)
        Clairaudience: hear distant sounds, -1cs resistance vs. sonics
        Clairvoyance: see distant sigths
        Communicate w.Animals
        Communicate w.Cybernetics
        Communicate w.Non-living
        Communicate w.Plants
        Cosmic Awareness: automatically detect CL1000 or better ability, +1cs attacks by detecting weak
		spots, discover information about things in the entire universe, when used more than
		5 times  make a secret reason feat vs. going insane temporarily
        Danger Sense: warn up to power rank second before attack, it can replace intuition, fighting for
		blocking, agility for dodging, strength for escaping. Minimun rank id intuition.
        Dreamtravel: the hero can enter the dreams of another person and observe or even interact
          		with it. Physical Abilities and other powers are all on this power rank.
        Empathy: detect surface emotions or send empathic messages
        Free Spirit: the character can survive the death of his physical body and live outside of it,
		he can share bonds with another host body (or posses it with the possesion power),
		physical powers he posseses are then given to the bonded person.
        Hallucinations:Illusions directly inside a persons mind
        Hyper-Intelligence:add this power rank to Intuition or reason
        Hyper Invention: reason increased for invention purposes
        Incarnation Awareness: the hero can contact his previous incarnations and ask
		them to perform deeds that will help him later on. This requires a FEAT with
		a -1CS penalty for each generation of incarnation.
        Iron Will: this power absorbs up to a total of power rank damage, if it is released half of the
		damage is suffered for real. The hero can control when to release.
        Mental Duplication: duplicate a targets brain inside a part of your own brain to for instance
		learn secrets. The captured brain can try to take over on a psyche -3cs roll
        Mental Invisibility
        Mental Probe
        Mind Blast: power rank damage and psyche feat vs. intesity or KO for 1-10 rounds. 
        Mind Drain: reduce reason and intuition by power rank, if at sh-0 loss is permanent. Target
		may resist with Psyche FEAT, if succesfull the target is immune for 24 hours, but
		if a second feat fails the victims psyche is also reduced by 1cs for 24 hours,
        Postcognition: see in the past for a number of weeks equal to power rank number, a green FEAT
		gives impressions, yellow gives general information and red gives information that ven
		the subject may not have been aware of.
        Precognition: the functioning of this power is ebtirely up to the judge
        Psionic Vampirism: drain reason, intuition and mental powers, see vampirism.
        Remote Sensing: enhance the range of any sense
        Sensory Link: see/hear etc. through another being. 
        Serial Immortality: when the character dies he is reborn either as baby, new complete body, premade 
		clone, recently deceased other being or even a living being (psyche feat to resist).
        Telekinesis: power rank is equivalent to strength
        Telepathy: communicate on a mind-to-mind basis, unwilling targets require a power feat vs. psyche.
        Total Memory: total recall

Physical Enhancement:(72-85)
        Armor Skin: permanently altered skin (plates, leather, inorganic) gives body armor
        Body Resistance: body armor without apparent changes
        Chemical Touch: -Hallucinogenic: Fighting and Int drop -3cs
		         -Bioluminesence: light generation
		         -Napalm Grip: create fire on contact
		         -Boom Boxing: combustion on contact 
        Digestive Adaption: the character can digest anything and has +4CS resistance to poisons
        Hyper-Speed: perform tasks at rank times as fast
        Hypnotic Voice
        Lung Adaptability: breathe gas or liquid even poisons
        Pheremones: aerosol version of hypnotic control, the target must be able to smell and taste
        Regeneration: the character heals power rank/10 points of health per combat round
        Self-Revival: a new body grows from the largest remaining piece when the character is dead
        Self-Sustenance: survive without air, water or food
        Stealth: substract rank from those tacking him (Mn tracking vs. Ex stealth is decreased to Ty tracking)
        Suspended Animation
        True Invulnerability: damage is reduced by the number of power ranks, so excellent damage on
		one with Gd True Invulnerability would do only Fe damage (since the difference is 1 rank)
        Vocal Control: duplicate any sound or voice
        Water Freedom: no negative effects under water. When above water Strenght and End +2cs and
		agility -2cs
Power Control:(86-88)
        Control: -Manipulation: change directions by a green feat, alter effects by a yellow feat, completely
		alter a power by a red feat. -Magnification/Reduction: increase or decrease by this power
		rank. -Negation: negate at a succesfull feat. Undesirect control can be dodged
        Power Creation: create up to power rank power at -3cs (not on himself) duration is 1 day times the 
		creators reason on a green feat, yellow gives 10 days times reason and red gives permanently.
        Power Domination: some sort of domination the character can control the use of powers, it's a feat
		of power rank vs. psyche.
        Power Duplication: this is the only power a charcter can have, he duplicates any one power at a time
		at his own power rank, a green feat enables him to store the knowledge of the power
		for future use, otherwise he must be within 10 feet of the power used. The other powers
		rolled when the character was created are powers which he previously encountered.
        Energy Source: the hero draws his power from an outside source. (you may roll another power)
        Energy Source Creation: the character can create objects that can hold powers and that are released
		on special circumstances. The item for instance can act as another characters power source.
        Power Focus: channel all his power ranks and ability ranks in 1 ability or power burst. They are all
		totalled together in one massive outburst, afterwards all ranks drop to Feeble. This
		power rank number is the nuber of points the character can regain each turn.
        Power Gestalt: a power created when two characters touch
        Nemesis: replaces all other powers. In 2 round the characters can devellop a counter-power
		vs. his adversary or up to a +1cs version of the adversery's own power. The nemesis
		power can cope with only 1 person at a time 
        Power Transferral: transfer a part of your powers to another
        Power Vampirism: drain powers as vampirism
        Residual Absorbtion: duplicate a power by absorbing left-over traces. green feat gives a duration of
		reason x 100 turns, yellow: reason x 10.000 turns, red: permanent
        Selection: only one of the characters powers can be used at a time (roll another power)
        Weakness Creation: bestow a character with a weakness with a duration of 10 turns x reason when 
		a green feat is made, 1000 x when yellow, 10.000 x when red

        Age Shift: alter apparent age
        Alter Ego
        Anatomical Separation: limbs, head etc. can operate independently
        Animal Transformation
        Animal Mimicry: duplicate natural abilities
        Body Adaption: survive in hostile environment by changes ones body, for example higher gravity
		would increase someones strength. 
        Body Transformation: change elemental nature of his own body, this includes changing into liquid
		or gas.
        Body Coating: this coating prohibits the use of any powers but also protects the hero vs. any harm
		until the coating is destroyed.
        Chemical Mimicry: only chamical alteration of his body, no visual changes
        Energy Body: body consists of one type of energy
        Energy Sheath: an energy sheath surrounds the characters body and as with body coating
		damage to the sheathdoes not result in damage to the body only when the sheath
		is destroyed, it takes a red feat to restore the sheath
        Evolution: evolve in a caveman (increase FASE, decrease RIP) or giant brain (decrease FASE increase
		RIP). Caveman has Ty tracking, brain has Ty telekinesis and True Flight
        Imitation: change form (gain outward powers)
        Physical Gestalt: two normal person form into one superhuman
        Plant Mimicry: change into plantform (form does not change much).  This can have varies effects:
		-Photosynthesis: no need of food, -Fragrance: summon insects, -Rooting: immovability,
		-Poison touch
        Prehensile Hair: no. of actions and strength and agil. of the hair are given in the following table:
	RANK		# actions	Str/Agil. adjustment
	Fe		1		-2cs
	Pr		1		-1cs
	Ty		1		none
	Gd		2		none
	Ex		2		+1cs
	Rm		3		+1cs
	In		3		+2cs
	Am		4		+2cs
	Mn		5		+3cs
	Un		6		+3cs
	X		8		+4cs
	Y		10		+4cs
	Z		12		+5cs
	CL1000		20		+5cs
	CL3000		30		+6cs
	CL5000		40		+7cs
	If the power is somehow nullified characters agility and movement -4cs
        Self Duplication: create exact duplicates of the character possibly with permanent duration
		or different powers at creation.
        Shapeshifting: change in any form, animate or not
        Spirit Gestalt: join with a spirit being to become a superhuman, ancestral spirits, demonic or divine etc.

        Astral Body
        Carrier Wave: propel the characters body by use of energy (magnetism, sound, light etc.)
        Dimension Travel
        Energy Path: the hero is transformed into a specific type of energy and can travel at
		power rank speed along currents of that energy
        Floating Disc
        Gateway: travel to any point in space ,time or dimension. Location requires a green feat, time a yellow
		feat and dimensions a red feat.  
        Gliding: Top speed is Sh-X
        Hyper Running
        Rocket: flight by means of a rocket-like exhaust.
        Skywalk: walk along an invisible path created by the hero only usable by him.
        Spider Climb
        Teleport Self
        Teleport Other
        Telereformation: disintegrates the characters body and transports the lifeforce to the new location
		where the body  is build up from available material. At a limitation of -1cs the 
		character can recreate his original body when he returns to the site where it was
        Timetravel: up to power rank number times 1000 years in the past, times 10 years in the future.
        Troubleseeker: character is unwillingly transported to a site where a person is in need of help, he must
		remain within 10 areas of the spot where help is needed. The character can transport
		up to 1 pound per rank number in matter (including maybe unwilling persons).
        True Flight
        Water Walking
        Whirlwind: transport by creating small whirlwinds.