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Sample Fight : Spidey & Wolvey vs Electro & Sabretooth

Welcome. This Section gives an example of Combat in the TSR Marvel Roleplaying Game, with House Rules.
Chosen for this Example are Spiderman and Wolverine vs Sabretooth and Electro.



Spiderman : 
Fighting 40  Agility   50*  Strength 40    Endur 40
Reason   20  Intuition 50   Psyche   30

Armor  - 0 -
Health 170
Karma  100 

Powers :  Wallcrawling  50        Webbing  40 (40 shots per
          Leaping       4 areas   cartridge - 2 cartridges of
          *Dangersense  100       75 strength webbing 10 shots
          Spider Tracer 40        ... each cartridge expended
          Spider Light  10        of the 75 strength webbing
                                  causes a one week -1 CS
                                  on resources)
                                  Webbing non-conductive: -5 CS
                                  on conveying electrical current

Combat Notes : Resist Domination Skill         
               * Acrobatics Skill (with Danger Sense adds +2 CS
               when dodging but not on his attacks: net = 100 UN)
Other : Resources  10        
        Skills -   Chemistry, Electronics, Computers, Photography

Net : 
Spiderman :
FASE-RIP  40 50(100) 40 40 - 20 50 30(40) 
Armor - 0 -   Health  170     Karma100
Webbing 40 to 75      Danger Sense  100    Webslinging 4 areas/rnd

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Wolverine :
Fighting 40  Agility   30*  Strength 20    Endur 75
Reason   10  Intuition 75*  Psyche   30

Armor  - 0 -
Health 170
Karma  115 

Powers :  Claws - adamantium   Damage 30 to 75
                  High Tech Sharpness : -4CS on armor 
          Heightened Senses  50 (Hearing, Olfactory, Touch)
          Regeneration      100 (10/rnd)
          Adamantium Skeleton: -4 CS on blunt damage
                               75% change convert bladed to blunt
Combat Notes : Acrobatics +1 CS   
               Weapon Specialist (claws) +1 CS 
                      (net effect : fighting 50 AM with claws)
               If stunned, every round roll a yellow Regen feat
                           to shake it off 
               Resist domination skill

Net : 
Wolverine :
FASE-RIP  40(50) 30 20 75 - 10 75 30(40)
Armor 20/blunt   Health  165   Karma 115
Claws 30-75 (-4 CS on armor)   Ad. Skeleton 75% sharp to blunt
Heightened Senses 50           Regen 10/rnd


Villains :

Electro :
FASE-RIP : 20 10 10 50 - 10 20 6 
Armor 20* Health 90 Karma 36 Powers : Electrical Gen/Control 50 Electrified Body Field 20 Electrical Device Control 20 Flight along Electrical Lines - up to 8 areas /rnd

Sabertooth :
FASE-RIP : 40 30 30 75 - 10 50 30 
Armor - 0 - Health 175 Karma 90 Powers : Claws 30 Regen 100 (10/rnd) Heightened senses 50

Marvel Charts for Reference

Refer to the marvel feat success chart
to see how results below were checked
(You may wish to right click and open in a 2nd window)

Prelude : Gamemaster sets up the scenario. Spiderman spotted 
Wolverine tracking someone by scent through NYC. Swinging down and speaking to 
him he learns that Wolverine detected the odd scent of ozone. This was 
accompanied by the scent of Sabretooth and another human scent. 

They continue following the trail and discover Sabertooth speaking with Electro. Sabertooth and Electro roll intuition feats to see if either notices the heroes. Electro rolls a 10 and does not notice (he needs a 41 having a 20 intuition - see the Marvel Universal Chart). Sabertooth rolls a 15 and also does not notice (he needs a 26 having a 50 intuition). Sabertooth with his heightened senses gets a second roll and rolls a 74 on his 50 AM sense of smell and notices their scent.

Round 1 : Innitiative is rolled, and group innitiative is opted for. The heroes roll a 5 and the villains roll a 9. They add their individual agilities/10. Net result : Spiderman 5+5=10 , Wolverine 5+3=8, Sabertooth 9+3=12 (Electro doesn't get a roll because he failed to see them coming). Highest innitiatives go first. Sabertooth yells to Electro (which gives him an action at the end of the round and allows him to dodge normally) and attacks. He, of course, attacks Wolverine using his claws.

Sabertooth rolls a 58 attacking Wolverine with his claws. He hits with a yellow success (58 on the 50 AM fighting column). Wolverine gets a chance to dodge, needing at least a yellow success to dodge. He rolls a 90 and succeeds (he needed a 66 on the 30 REM agility column).

Spiderman goes next and shoots a web at Electro. He announces he will web the villain then slingshot him into the brick walls nearby. This is a called shot and he needs just a 56 on his 50 AM agility to succeed. He rolls a 62, succeeding. Electro may dodge to avoid the attack by rolling a 76 on his 10 Good Agility column to match the yellow success. He rolls an 06, and is stuck with the end of a webline and smashed into the wall. It was only a yellow feat on the blunt table so no check for stun is necessary (had the blunt damage exceeded his Endurance, he would have had to make a check vs stun. Likewise, had it been a bladed attack which equalled his Endurance, then an Endurance check would also have to have been made vs stun.) He takes 40 points of damage temporarily off his 90 health, so he is not feeling overly well.

Wolverine goes next attacking back at Sabertooth. He attacks likewise with claws, rolling a 56 on his 50 AM attack (40 Fighting +1 CS for weapon specialist). Just barely a yellow attack. Sabertooth dodges, rolling a 24 on his 30 agility failing (he needed a 66). Wolverine decides to do a full 75 points of damage and his yellow bladed attack rating requires Sabertooth to check for stun (he would have had to anyway since the bladed damage equaled his Endurance.) Sabertooth rolls a 24, on the 75 Endurance column. Just barely missing a green feat so he is stunned 1-10 rounds. A 1d10 is rolled and a 3 results in a stun for 3 rounds, all actions for 3 rounds being on the SH-0 column.

Electro goes last. He blasts Spiderman with an electrical bolt, rolling a 82 on the 10 agility. He hits in the yellow. Spidey tries to dodge, on the 100 UN. He only needs a 46 to dodge but rolls a 44 and is hit. Since a yellow energy attack is a stun, he must make an Endurance check. He rolls a 35, with a green success so is only stunned 1 round. He needed a 61 on his 40 Endurance to avoid being stunned altogether.

Round 2 :Innitiative - The heroes roll a 7 and the villains roll a 5. Spiderman(stunned) gets 7 - 4 = 3, Wolverine gets 7 + 3 = 10, Sabertooth(stunned) gets 5 - 4 = 1, Electro gets 5 + 2 = 7.

Wolverine goes first, wanting to attack Sabertooth but seeing the more real danger in Electro. He attacks, using claws and rolls a 3 on his 50 AM attack. He gets a green result. Electro attempts to dodge, and rolls a 18 on his 10 Good Agility. He is hit. Wolverine decides to only do 40 points of damage, not having fought Electro before. He should have done 50, as this would have brought Electro to - 0 - health but the player has no way of knowing the villains exact health. Since 40 (bladed damage) is below his Endurance and it was only a green attack, Electro likewise does not need to make an Endurance check vs stun. However, one of Electro's powers is Electrified body field. Wolverine takes 20 points of damage back. It is below his Endurance so no stun roll is needed.

Electro blasts back at Wolverine. Before rolling, the players mutually agree Electro is +2 CS to hit due to Wolverine's adamantium bones (a variant of steel - an excellent conductor which attracts electricity). The rolls is made and it did not matter, an 85 is rolled (a yellow success on either the 10 or 30 column). Wolverine dodges, and succeeds rolling a 92 on his 30 agility. No hit is scored.

Spiderman goes, but is still stunned. He fumbles for his webline still attached to Electro but rolls a 10 on the SH-0 (because he is stunned).

Sabertooth now has his turn. He heals 10 points and gets a roll on his regeneration power rank to shake off the stun effect needing a yellow success. He rolls a 62 on the 100 and shakes off the stun. He decides to attack the stunned Spiderman. He rolls a 96, a kill result with his claws. Spidey gets to dodge on the SH-0. Not wishing to die, he spends karma. He rolls a 26 and decides not to spend 74 karma points to avoid getting hit altogether. He spends the mandatory 10. He then makes an Endurance feat not to die, and again declares he will spend karma. He rolls a 69 on his 40 endurance, easily in the yellow but he has to spend the mandatory 10 points. So he is now down 80 health (30 from Sabertooth and 50 from Electro).

Round 3: Spiderman shakes off the stun. Innitiative is rolled, 6 for the heroes and 6 for the villains. So, Spiderman goes first with an 11, then Wolverine and Sabertooth tie at 9, then Electro with an 8.

Spiderman declares he is placing himself between Electro and Sabertooth. He then attacks Sabertooth, webbing him in a grapple attack using his best webbing. He declares he shall use karma and rolls a 60 on his die roll. He spends 31 to nail him in the red on the 50 agility table (Spidey is pretty mad). Sabertooth tries to dodge and declares he likewise shall use karma. He rolls a 37 but being a villain may only add 20 to his roll, not the red needed. He spends the mandatory 10 points and is pretty wrapped up.

Wolverine heals 10 points. He half turns to attack Sabertooth then sees him taken care of. He declares he will slice off the top of steel post and throw it at Electro. Players agree cutting the post is automatic so no roll is needed, but they also agree the post is unwieldy to throw so he is at -1 CS. He rolls a 49 on the 20 (30 agility -1CS) and hits in the green. Electro dodges rolling a 58 on the 20 agility column.

Sabertooth goes, and tries to break free. Spidey used his good 75 strength webbing so actually Sabertooth has zero chance to escape (the 75 is more than 2 CS above his strength).

Electro opts for the better part of valor and blasts away flying. Surprisingly, he grabs Sabertooth as he flees (doing him 20 points of damage in the process). It is decided that since he is only human strength, he must make a strength roll to grab the heavy Sabertooth as he goes. He rolls a 20 and misses Sabertooth. He does not pause to grab him a second time and keeps going.

Spidey gives chase and decides to try to flick a spidey tracer into the nonconductive webbing attached to Electro. Players agree is needs a yellow agility to hit the webbing and not fry the tracer in Electro's body field. He rolls a 65 and succeeds. Electro gets a yellow intuition feat to notice, and rolls a 23, failing. Spidey then allows Electro to get away (though he may have anyway since he has the better movement rate in areas with electrical lines.)

Doing a bit of roleplaying, Wolverine is angry that Electro got away, and lips off to Spidey about not being able to keep up. In front of Sabertooth, Spidey decides not to explain. Police arrive and the heroes leave ... Spidey then explains to Wolverine he wishes to track Electro, and try to find out why he was meeting with Sabertooth. Wolverine apologizes Wolverine style .... "That explains why ya let that wimp get away then. Smart thinking, Bub." .... lights a cigar ..... "But tracking him is no problem while I'm here."

End Result :

Spidey has taken 80 points of damage (30 from Sabertooth and 50 from Electro.) He has spent 51 karma (10+10+31) Wolverine spent no karma and will be healthy shortly.

Karma : defeating Sabertooth     100 karma /2 = 50 each
(highest attribute or useful power - 100 for Regen)

Karma : driving off Electro      25  karma / 2 = 12 each
 (1/2 credit for a defeat)

Karma : attaching the tracer to Electro/roleplaying  10 karma Spidey

Karma : -5 karma Wolverine   minor damage to public property

Karma : +5 karma roleplaying bonus Wolverine - 
        (for giving grief to Spidey, general attitude)
Note to character Spidey : used 1 dose of 75 strength webbing : 9 more and Spidey is at -1CS on resources for 1 week
(never his strong point)