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Inspired by other websites, I began running Morrow again. It was very enjoyable. I ran the characters through their recruitment in the 20th century, then their awakening in year 2106. They fairly quickly made contact and became friends with a small town. Then some farms near the towns began to be raided (see the Damacles Module). The automated tanks were seen and one damaged. The other tank dragged the second back to it's base. These were trailed by the party.

Communications were sent on radio bands monitored by the party, telling them to leave the area on penalty of death. This did not take well with the party, who had befriended the nearby town. After long consideration of the best attack, The characters ran a stampede of purchased farm animals into one side of the Damacles compound under cover of incendiary and smoke grenade fire. This was done exactly at dawn from the east side of the compound. The raid was successful with the characters riding horses (bought from town) in close enough to fire law missile's at either tower. Luckily both law attacks were dead on and two towers were destroyed. One of the characters was BADLY injured, almost losing his leg below the knee. Two horses and numerous animals were killed. The dead animals were made into a very large supply of dried meat.


After somewhat recovering from their wounds (with the exception of the badly injured member), a second foray was staged a few days later. Having disabled one of the tanks previously, and examining it the characters had a good idea of how it was remotely controlled. After making sure everyone survived the attack, another foray was staged two days later. Damacles sent out it's functional tank to attack the party, and just as it was exiting the building, the team technician managed to jam the vehicle's remote control with ECM. (The jamming device was made by cannibalizing the team's long range communicator at the bolt hole). The tank switched to an automated firing sequence, but was easily destroyed. It also blocked the entry doors. Entry was made to the compound, and the base secured with mimimal loss.

Damacles pretended to have been under remote control itself and that it had had it's memory banks wiped remotely when the computer room was entered. It was disconnected from all outside resources except power until they decided what to do with it.

Damacles, before being disconnected, awakened some Snake-Eaters and ordered them to come help. The compound was easily taken by surprise by the commando team and the morrow team was charged with assault on a government military base. They were to be executed after a summary trial. The commando team's leader and some of the commandos were starting to take liberties with the female morrow team member. This assault was objected to by the second in command, Sgt Pierce, and three others. They released the Morrow team to help them. A fire fight ensued and the combined Morrow/Army force killed all the rest of the Army team. One of the now Morrow allied soldiers was killed & Sgt Pierce himself suffered a bad head wound (which he barely survived - having a plate put in.) With the exception of two members, everyone else was also injured.

A long recovery period ensued, with the army members joining the morrow team. With their wounds pretty much healed, the team gutted the complex placing all useful equipment in their bolthole and sealing it. They then journeyed south (being in the northern half of lower penninsula Michigan.) They had heard of Maxwell's Militia and were thinking of making contact. They killed some cannibles, encountered some local traders, and then met some Envoys/Scouts from the New Presidency. Impressed by the individuals, they decided to journey with them and meet their superiors. A long journey and some encounters with Krell scouts later, and they were in New Presidency Territory based out of New Lincoln (Nebraska). They were very impressed at the group, which had working government based on descendency of Air Force Two (Vice President & the Speaker of the House). The New Presidency had some working steam ships, two trains, and even some manufacturing (Tractor motors, Dynamite, Rifles and Revolvers.) They also had a large agricultural base, raising crops, cattle and horses. Theyhave a good telegraph system and a scattering of working radios in the various towns.

They eventually met the President and decided this group was a good one to ally with for helping mankind. They eventually told the President about the fusion reactor at the Damacles base, and the president sent them back to recover it -- along with 20 mounted guards/laborers, 20 extra draft horses, and crates of trade goods. The mission was a success, as they recruited locals to help dig and blast out the reactor. This cost them trade goods, most their C-4 and half their horses to pay the locals. (It was earlier found to be a fusion reactor based on Morrow technology so it was relatively self-contained. It had also made them realize the US government must have had some spies within the Morrow organization.) The reactor was hauled to the edge of Lake Michigan and some shippers were reached and paid to transport the reactor across to the southwest corner of the lake. This wiped out the trade goods and even some of the Morrow project's supplies. The reactor was then dragged (ala Egyptian pyramid block moving techniques and using the Amtrack and horses) across the border of Wisconsin and Illinois to the Illinois river.

A barge was forcibly stolen from an ill-guarded Krell dock taken straight through Krell territory during the night to meet with New Presidency ships at the Missouri. One group of mercanaries was hired away from the Krells and joined them (the mercanaries being told that the entire barge was wired with explosives - which actually WAS true.) Unfortunately most the draft horses were left behind, but this did distract the Krell townspeople who began rounding up horses. A number of fire fights with other ships and with forces on shore occurred but with minimal loss (the barge was badly damaged by managed to make the distance when the reactor was shifted to the far sideof the barge to raise the damaged section higher in the water.

The group became heroes to the New Presidency, and the president was very happy (he was reelected for another 8 year term). The team made serious enemies in the Krells, who learned of what the team had done via agents in the Presidency (having a power reactor dragged along the edge of their territory then sailed down straight through one of their main waterways was a major blow to their leadership.)

The Maxwellians were more favorably impressed, and have entered into communication with the New Presidency. The New Presidency was hard pressed sending all the light rifles and trade goods they had with the team and were very happy they were not given for nothing. The city of New Lincoln now has an ample power supply and some power lines are being established to outlying areas. The new presidency had already had telegraph lines and a more reliable power source for this was also appreciated.

The Morrow team had been forced to trade away most of it's extra gear also by the hard dealing shippers but now plan to journey back to Michigan come spring and raid their caches. They plan to use power lines from the Morrow vehicle reactor to power the battery powered tanks and once returned to the presidency they plan to convert them to diesel tractor motor power (a tractor factor survived outside of Old Lincoln). A couple tractor motors are being brought with in case the morrow vehicle is damaged, or for trade reasons. They also wish to bring the Damacles computer equipment and communication and machining / smelting equipment back to New Lincoln (it now being stored in their bolthole). The base had been given to the locals who had helped in digging out the Reactor and transporting it to the edge of Lake Michigan. The secondary reason for the trip was to maintain good relations with these people.

Right now, the team is waiting out the winter, recovering from injuries and helping the New Presidency install the reactor, etc.

Update: Spring has come and the team headed toward Michigan to complete their recovery plans. They have pretty much decided on allying themselves with the New Presidency as the most expedient was of fulfilling Project goals.

However, in route they encountered a very heavily armed team of Krell Warriors. They managed to take them by surprise and escaped with minimal injuries. They did recover good weapons and explosives from the Krell team and also a strong box. The box was breached and encrypted computer discs were recovered.

The morrow team was surprised when they recieved communication from another morrow team. This other team had managed to re-enable a morrow project satelite remotely, their team having a Highly skilled computer expert and hacker. The expert managed to break the encryption and it had details on the construction of a very large secret US government base built just outside Snake-eater territory. The Army members who had joined the Morrow people knew nothing of this base. The New Presidency knew nothing of this base (although there WERE snake-eater bases nearby of course), so it was suspected to still exist possibly undiscovered.

It was decided to raid the base, for fear either the snake-eaters (whom the morrow people didn't know much of yet) or the Krell would discover it first. The trip to Michigan was postponed.

After some minor fire fights with a group of cannibals and a group of slavers, the team managed to find the base. Luckily they managed to avoid any snake-eater patrols going the long way about. As a side note, the team did encounter a university/breeder town and a party member with esper potential was convinced to stay a few days donating genetic material. Needless to say, he was a hit with the ladies of the university. Doing so helped cement future relations with the group.

The base was found after short order. It was entered, the upper levels appearing to merely be a conventional living station/bomb shelter of large size. But due to the files they had broken the team knew there was more to the base than there appeared. They eventually discovered a sealed security area leading to an elevator going down a full two hundred feet. There would be no digging out this area.

They came to a series of blast doors, securing the area. They found this odd, as the blast doors normally would be further toward the surface. Dave, the engineer, noted that the doors were dual purpose - to contain blasts from the inside also. They are trying to figure out how to get past the doors. They suspect they may need a very powerful laser and power lines from their vehicle reactor.

This is the current location of the team.