Star Trek - USS Sovereign Campaign

Adventure 1

Adventure One - Spacehunter : Adventures in the forbidden Zone

A Crystalline spaceborn creature flies up the the Sovereign and begins telepathically communicating with one of the klingons on board. The creature communicates through mentally transmitted visual images. The encounter takes a twist when the captain attempts to find out if the creature has any knowledge of other humans, namely the USS Voyager. The creature misinterprets the communication and teleports the klingon, the captain and two other personell to the nearest planet with human looking inhabitants.

The planet is a desert planet, an abandoned colony whose sun is in a state of flux. The inhabitants of the planet are scavengers and wanderers, most are brutal and barbaric. The teleported crew members are in a prison cell, where they find a very human looking prisoner who unfortunately is perishing from abuse and dehydration.

After the poor fellow passes on, the crew looks out of the cell area and realizes it is in the middle of a desert. Local inhabitants are outside talking to a better dressed individual wearing what appears to be a uniform. Also in the group is an obvious alien resembling the genestealer enforcer encountered not long ago but who most probably is simply a member of the race from which the genestealer had taken it's form. Of the locals, some are armed with either primitive laser Rifles with bayonet like blades on the end. But most are armed simply with swords, pole arms, and the like.

The crew is spotted and a battle ensues with the locals. Both the Klingon and the Orion 1st officer reveal that they are carrying personal weaponry. The crew manages to defeat the locals, but the alien is injured and beams away before the crew can converse with it. The better dressed individual actually aided the crew in the battle and turns out to be an offworlder who is stranded here (his ship having force landed after being damaged). He is annoyed with the Federation crew for starting a firefight when he was trying to negotiate a ride off planet.

He then offers to team up with the federation members. He has learned that 7-10 days journey from their current position is a space smuggler's base and there they can commandeer a ship. He claims to be legally authorized to do this, as he is a sector chief for this colony planet's homeworld. He has an a heavy armored vehicle which runs fairly well, even if the body is in poor shape.

The crew agrees and they travel toward the base. They see mountains up ahead apparently blocking the path, which the chief was unaware of. Approximately noon of the first day, the crew comes an old compound, easily bypassing the security doors. A young female scavenger comes up and says it is her property. The crew agrees (especially since there is nothing of value inside). The scavenger catches on to this and then offers her guide services, knowing a way through the mountains. They agree.

They camp at a springfed pool hidden in the foothills, and one of the crewmen half talks/half forces the girl to take a bath. She actually is a very attractive young woman and the crewman and her quickly strike up a romantic liason.

They travel on, and the next night camp at an old factor (managing to get fuel at the same time for the vehicle). They are beset within the building by mutated humanoids, who are slow moving but viscous and extremely resistant to injury. They escape the compound and camp a few hours further on in the desert.

The next night is uneventful but in the morning, they are attacked by a band of mutated children throwing homemade grenades. The children are horribly inaccurate with the weapons though and they manage to escape easily.

That day, they journey underground through an old tunnel system. Part of it is blocked, so they are forced to detour through a damaged water reclamation plant. There they are attacked by a band of amazonian warriors who seem intent on making the male members of the crew slaves. They are interrupted by a waterdragon which frightens the amazons away but which the crew manages to deal with (unfortunately badly draining their only phaser).

They continue on through the mountains and come out on the far side, not far from the Smuggler's base. They manage to sneak inside & disable some guards. They then find out that the Smugglers have three offworld females captive and are planning bad things for them, so the crew elects to mount a rescue. They succeed and fight their way aboard the smuggler's vessel. They take the vessel and escape the system, eventually rendevousing with the Sovereign again.

The Sovereign spends a few days helping repair the reclamation plant and is there to see the Sector Chief roust the Smugglers from their stronghold. The scavenger girl is invited by the crew chief to go back to their homeworld but instead she asks to join the Sovereign (now having a romantic relationship with the aforementioned crewmember). The Commander surprisingly agrees, the prime directive having less bearing on a member of a doomed planet. And also because they have plenty of room being severely shorthanded. Unbeknownst to the captain, the 1st officer had also approved the recruitment of some of the scavenger girls and amazonian females - for residence in the orion cultural quarters.

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