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Star Trek Roleplaying - Original Rules

Star Trek Roleplaying - Campaign Intro

The parsec in which the USS Pathfinder is located is undergoing a massive ionic storm. In the midst of the worst of it, they receive an urgent but automated distress beacon from a ship in the heart of the storm. Probes launched into the storm reveal there is indeed a starship within and the captain, though suspicious of some sort of trick, orders the ship in to investigate. As they approach, a ship - under cover of the storm - fires upon them in passing, severely damaging the Pathfinder.

The pathfinder fire back, and achieves multiple hits upon the attacking orion vessel.

Meanwhile, the Orion Merchant Raider Mjolnir has also received the distress call and is moving to intercept. They have been chasing a (rival) pirate vessel into the area, it having stolen an incredibly valuable cargo from the Orion guildhouse.

The Mjolnir races into the area, and is fired upon by the Pathfinder which mistakes it for the other Orion vessel. The Mjolnir, to their surprise, fires upon the enemy (rival) orion vessel.

The severely damaged enemy ship attempts to activate a jury-rigged and experimental transwarp core to flee. They are unsuccessful, and their ship explodes. The interaction of the explosion with the ionic storm creates a MASSIVE disturbance ... both the pathfinder and the mjolnir suffer additional damaged. The storm increases and both ships put all power to shields to survive, but both continue taking damage.

When the storm lessens the Pathfinder and Mjolnir find themselves orbiting a dead sun. A number of badly damaged ships circle the star ... including a federation starship. It's registery is NX-76322. The registry number of the USS Sovereign before it was recommissioned as the new Enterprise, NCC-1701-E.

The ships have little time to consider this paradox, because they are almost instantly beset upon by a nano-organic cloud which is also in orbit around the star. It splits in two, attacking both ships. Weapons appear ineffectual and with the damage they've already sustained things look grim. In a last effort to save at least some lives, the Mjolnir runs an intercept course in front of the pathfinder ... intercepting attacks from BOTH clouds. As the ship is about to be destroyed by the cloud a massive self destruct goes off (standard for Orion ships) and dissipates the clouds. The crew of the Mjolnir escapes death in the jettisoned cargo pod, which makes it's way to the derelict USS Sovereign.

The cloud is slowly reforming and the damaged Pathfinder does not have enough power to achieve warp drive. They also send teams to the Sovereign. It is new condition as if having just been released from the construction yard. However, there is no dilithium and the data banks are totally wiped. The rival away teams reach an agreement. A quick data transfer is made from the Pathfinder, along with equipment, crew and half the Pathfinder's dilithium. The underpowered vessel begins to limp away.

As it does so, the cloud begins to move - but the Sovereign keeps the Pathfinder between it and the cloud. Distracted, the cloud begins to feed upon the Pathfinder, until the captain remotely activates federation vessel's self destruct. The cloud is now badly dispersed, unable to reform before it is pulled into the dead sun's gravitational field.

As the storm dissipates, the two crews explore and find the other vessels have been badly torn about by the nano-clouds previous feedings. The Sovereign must have just arrived to have avoided similiar fate. The two crews are left with some decisions to make - who shall command the vessel. Though of federation design, it cannot be the true USS Sovereign. With few other options, they decide to take Voyager's example and integrate until they find out where they are. Star fields are unfamiliar, and they have yet to discover where they might be. They also have no idea where this strange replica or alternate version of the USS Sovereign came from.


Star Trek Races

The Sovereign

The New Crew of the Sovereign

Adventure 1

Original Roleplay Rules