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Non Romance Poetry

THE DARKEST PATH The flames behind, I walk alone the darkest path I chose The wind is warms my weary bones Iíve but my soul to lose The shadows creep, the wind blows low the leaves about me stir Like devils in the afterglow they bring back thoughts of her. I finally come up to the beach, the thoughtless happy waves The pain of love beyond their reach only mortals are itís slaves I wade into the icy cold I feel deathís fetid grip My soul has truly long been lost I yearn for Neptuneís crypt The flames behind, I go alone the darkest path I chose The chill it warms my weary bones Iíve but my soul to lose ------------------------------------- GOLDEN VISION Golden vision, summer eyes winter heart tender lies Yesterday a gentle laugh I failed to see the darker half The night is cold the light is dim the future bleak the outlook grim My dreams are sad that once were bright Where has it gone my warm sunlight ------------------------- MIRROR, MIRROR Mirror, Mirror there you stand Tell me true, am I that man? And if I am if that can be, what of the boy that once was me? The scars are there of battles within, the heartís field of honor the wages of sin. I long to fly so far from here to find a place that knows no fear And there he stands, face a loveless mask Is that one me? I dare not ask. I turn away, and so does he. Mirror, tell me not that he was me. ------------------------------ SOMEONE SHINE The easy word, the convenient lie, the untold deceit To me, one and all, the spurs to hate What of trust? Of heartfelt words? Is truth so rare? Am I alone, just one? Say the worst, like raindrops they fall But the avalanche that is the lie buries all.... Hearts I have known that once were here. Theyíve died and moved on. All gone. Someone shine that I might see that all about me is not darkness.