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Romance Poetry

EARTHLY DREAM Shadows Drift past eyes of jade Endless pools where lovers bathe Angels sing and devilís cry for one fair look of her sweet eyes Worlds collide and doveís take flight gods rejoice this heavenís sight Thou earthly dream where hearts are lost I thank the stars our paths did cross From silky skin to splendid cheek I pray the day this dream to keep. _______________________________ MORNING GLORY Morning Glory, Summerís End Eyes of Autumn, Heavenís friend I hold you close as dawn draws near Your tender heart should know no fears I feel in you a caring heart, you bring me light where once was dark Soul of satin skin the like eyes of autumn Venus height Heimdallís watch it now be mine for Bifrost glory pales to thine As morning gently lights her face I hold her closer Oh, sweet embrace _______________________________ DANCING TEMPTRESS Dancing temptress moves the night Brings desire and fleeting sight Of long hair whirling, clouds of jet Framing beauty gods beget Dance through veils of silk so sheer through the torchlight, dangerís near She steals the heart, and laughs so sweet She takes your soul, and leaves you weak Lovely slave but heartís true mistress Eyes of jade, ruby kisses Taking all but leaving more Dancing through the night once more She whirls away, a wisp of wind A whirl of silk, a brush of skin Her smile stays once she is gone Keeping warm the night so long Stay my vision of the night Keep on dancing, in dreams so bright Til the morning bids thee fly Iíll hold your vision til I die The morning comes and gives thee leave Your absence bids my heart ot grieve Then thoughts of you return once more And I will keep them, forevermore _______________________________ VISION FAIR Vision Fair Let shadows play across your angelís face Dance with me until the dawn when morning gives us chase My breath is short my eyes grow wide at visions they partake My hands they shake my legs grow weak The thought of her awakes Yearn the stars and spurn the day Love awakes the night Dream all dreams And grant me mine My heart has given flight _______________________________ UNTAMED In my dreams in fading light there comes a vision burning bright A beauty soft with lithe curves in moonlight dances, with passion serves Her fleeting gaze of clear blue eyes framed in beauty and soulful sighs Her wild spirit is shyly hidden a second beauty but kept within The yearning for her all day and night it conquers all things both wrong and right Inner battles are won and lost wars inspired at such a cost She drains your soul and brings you fire she saves your soul and brings you higher All things measured all things gained moonlit dancer heart untamed Stay the night for now and ever tame your heart a gentle tether Til winters bring our ending song stay with me and here belong _______________________________ Haunting She haunts my dreams with endless style the perfect face entrancing smile Her dreaming eyes like summer nights They trap the soul, make all things right The sight of her inspires thoughts of chrystal laughter and moonlit walks Mischief burns in a soul of fire but a heart so pure all life's desire Stay the night hold back the dawn Stay my dream and be my song