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Marvel Roleplaying Page

The white queen greets you on behalf of Malhavok.

Engaged in the same ongoing multiverse offline roleplay for over 20 years,
Marvel Classic-Original Roleplay game has proved a versatile system for use
(After mild modification ... Simply, any attack can be avoided by an agility feat
equal to the rating of the attack, and these attempts are free actions)

3 main universes are in use, and a multitude of additional ones.

Earth 716 :
The primary universe is a fairly standard marvel universe
with the addition of large numbers of original characters.

Earth 816 :
A lower powered universe ... powers and abilities max out at rank 60,
Armor/protections max out at rank 40.
Very few mainstream characters, and they are different
This universe is very original character oriented.

Earth 818 :
Very similar to Earth 816. A new campaign - often with characters similar to
816 but with different upbringings, powers, and backgrounds.

Team Rosters

The Universal Chart

Our Timeline

Character Creation

Random Characters - canon and new available names

Powers and Power Stunts

A sample combat with House Rules

Known Dimensions


Various Character Bios and histories


Team Strongholds
Avengers Mansion, X-School, etc