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James Bond Roleplay - Victory Games

Universal Import and Export

Name: M
Position: Executive Director
Summary: M is the Executive Director of MI6. He is the ultimate authority in the British Secret Service. He answers only to the Queen and Prime Minister.

Name: Moneypenny
Position: Executive Assistant to M
Summary: Don't say secretary. Her security rating is nearly as high as M and Tanner. She coordinates the directives of M throughout MI6.

Name: Q
Position: Dept Head : Q branch (Armorer)
Summary: Q and Q branch are in charge of supplying agents of MI-6 with all the equipment they might need for their missions. This includes developing and issuing the wonderful gadgets, special devices and vehicles available to Bond and the operatives of MI-6.

Name: William Tanner
Position: Assistant Director of MI6
Summary: William Tanner is second in command of MI6, and covers for M during any absences. He coordinates non-00 agents and is assisted by Qute.

Name: Qute
Position: Asst to Moneypenny - William Tanner's Assistant
Summary: Assistant to Moneypenny - she had been warned about Mr Bond and the agents of MI-6.

Felix Leiter
Name: Felix Leiter
Position: CIA Liason to MI-6
Summary: Not actually a member of MI-6, but James Bond's best friend and long time associate. He is very reliable and helps MI-6 whenever he can.

James Bond
Name: James Bond
Position: 007
Summary: Bond is a cool, handsome, dangerous agent for British Intelligence; his code number, 007, indicates that he has a "license to kill" in the line of duty. Bond travels the globe and uses his wits, fighting skills and a grab-bag of high-tech gadgets to battle super-villains often bent on world domination.

Bond ... James Bond : Character Sheet
Stephen Stiles
Name: Stephen Stiles
Position: 006
Summary: Stiles is a former world class thief drawn into MI6 by the murder of his fiance. He serves out of a sense of duty, but deep down prefers hitting the surf in Oahu. He prefers not to kill, but will do so without hesitation when needed and is highly skilled and a master of stealth.

Stephen Stiles Character Sheet
Andrea Kolesar
Name: Andrea Kolesar
Position: 009
Summary: Andrea Kolesar is a recruit from the Soviet Union, though her accent is perfect. She is known for having a former romantic relationship with an assassin named Bullseye, but she has proven her loyalty to the crown time and time again. Under his tutelage, she became a mistress of thrown blades, adding to her other deady skills.

Andrea KolesarCharacter Sheet


Stephen Stiles
Name: Bullseye - Eric Krauss
World Class Assassn: